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Rat Care Corner / Re: Not sure where to post - question about ratteries
« Last post by bit-bit on Today at 09:15:50 AM »
If the ratteries on your list aren't interested, you can probably find a shelter or rescue willing to take it. I know that where I used to live in VA, the local Humane Society, Animal Control, and SPCA all regularly took in small critters, and were often short on cage space for them.

They probably won't be able to pay for the cage, but most animal rescues are 501(c)3, which means you might be able to claim a tax deduction for your donation.
Rat Care Corner / Not sure where to post - question about ratteries
« Last post by CLSut on Yesterday at 11:22:46 AM »
Hi all,

Things are pretty hectic in my life and will be for a fair bit of time, kind of precluding me from having any rat buddies for the foreseeable future. I have a Critter Nation in great shape and a ton of extra fleece, toys, and even a bag of unexpired, unopened Oxbow Regal Rat. I'll be moving twice in the next couple years and would like to not have to lug a heavy cage everywhere (plus a hospital cage and nebulizer). I refuse to throw it out because I know people look for these things all the time, but nobody in the St. Louis area is looking for rat cages right now.

Since I can't sell it, I would at least like to donate my supplies to nearby rattery but have been out of the fancy long enough that I'm not sure how people feel about the options near me. I'm looking in to either Windy Hill Rattery or Columbia Small Animal Rescue to reach out to and ask if they could use a cage. What are peoples thoughts/reviews here? Would this be helpful for these facilities?
 North Star Rescue, Pacifica, CA and Exotic Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary (EARPS, Inc.), Brownsville, IN have just confirmed participation, so we now have 12 rescues in the auction!
The Travelin' Rat's BIG spring fundraiser to help rescues that take in rats, the 2017 Multi-Rescue World Rat Day Auction, is coming up REALLY soon! It will take place on our FB page March 31-April 9, 2017. You can help by donating items, bidding on items, and/or sharing information about it! <3 It was great last year, let's make it even better this year!

*If you have something to donate, please email and let us know that you are donating an item (or items!) and rescue(s) donating to, along with a picture, description, approximate value, and where you are willing to ship to (US only, your country only, US & Canada, or Worldwide). (You can also donate if you do not have a specific rescue in mind- we can see who needs more donations.) If you are willing to cover the cost of shipping for donations, that helps our participating rescues out tremendously as the nature of this auction makes it very difficult for winners to pay for shipping.
Participating rescues so far are:
Star's Rat Rescue, Winner, SD
Saint Nicholas Mouse Rescue, Virginia Beach, VA
Rattie Ratz, Clayton, CA
Rescued Rat Adoptions, La Porte, IN
Philly Rat Rescue, Philadelphia, PA
Mainely Rat Rescue, Falmouth, ME
MN Pocket Pet Rescue, St. Paul, MN
For The Love Of Rats Rescue, Walker, LA
Charming Rat Rescue, Regina, SK, CANADA
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, German Valley, IL
Rabbit Care Corner / looking into getting a rabbit
« Last post by nesterdron on March 26, 2017, 01:15:03 PM »
Well Ive found a few, now its just a matter if getting rod of my B5 If I cant find a decent 5 speed, how much worse is the Auto?

And, when is a mileage point that I should use as a cutoff, Im looking up to 130k miles.
Rat Care Corner / Re: Weight loss questions
« Last post by BigBen on March 25, 2017, 09:20:04 AM »
Pyp sounds fine.  The temperature of his feet will vary, depending on the relationship of the core body temperature to the surrounding air.  Even more so with the tail, because it is the primary thermoregulatory mechanism of the rat's body.  If the body is trying to lose heat, the tail and feet will feel warmer; if it is trying to conserve heat, tail and feet will feel colder.  This will vary from moment to moment.

Bear in mind that while the tail is served by three major blood vessels, the feet are comparatively less vascularized, so they will always feel cooler than the rest of the rat's body.  Also, they have a lot of surface area compared to the rest of the body, so there is more opportunity for the blood in the feet to cool.  My grandmother always had cold hands (that side of the family tends to have circulatory problems), and her line was always. "Cold hands, warm heart."  True both literally as well as figuratively, I guess.

Blueness of feet and ears would indicate hypoxia (lack of oxygen), regardless of temperature.  That would be a serious symptom indeed.

Rats vary in their willingness to be held.  I've had a number of boys who liked shoulder riding, and a number who didn't.  Some boys like cuddles more than others; I've even had a couple of boys who were just about as active as girls.  Of my current crew, Bartholomew, the solitary guy, likes being held, and even when he's out running around he will periodically come by and want to be picked up.  Then he'll want to get down and run around again.  The other boys don't like being touched as much.  They will ride my shoulder, but they prefer to go off and hide.  Periodically they will come and want to sniff my face, but they tend to shy away if I start petting them.  But if I leave them alone, they will quite happily sniff at me and climb on me.  That seems to be their way of showing affection.

My beautiful sweet Peter liked to stick his head in my mouth; that was his way of demonstrating possession, especially if other rats were around.  When it was just the two of us, he often liked to climb up on my shoulders and sit.  I would often take him on appointments with my spiritual director, and he would happily brux on my shoulder for an hour or so. 
I think I just need a dedicated "Pyp's mom is always worried about something" thread.  :yelcutelaugh:

His feet were cold last night. I've noticed it a little in the past - he walks across my neck and his little feet feel chilly against my skin. It's gotten worse recently. They're not blue. His appetite is fine (ravenous, even - he snatches food instead of taking it ::)). His breathing sounds a little weird but it has for a while and the vet wasn't concerned when I took him in, so I don't know. He definitely doesn't like to be held still and won't stay put when I try to pet him on my shoulder (always moving!) but I don't know if that's just him or if it's a symptom. What I can't find online is a list of symptoms that explain early symptoms, progressing symptoms, and end-stage symptoms. It's always just a list of symptoms. What are the early symptoms? Can a rat have cold feet and weird breathing and still have a good appetite?
Home Squeak Home / Re: best light weight cage?
« Last post by BigBen on March 20, 2017, 03:46:32 PM »
I am afraid that if you go with the Rat Manor, you will come to regret it.  I was given a Rat Manor by a rescue, to hold rats I was fostering for them (it was the best they could come up with at the time, and I had no room in my main cage).  In the long run it proved really inadequate; firstly, because the overall size is small for two grown rats--babies should be fine, but the cage was crowded for even the two smallest girls I fostered--the two big Canadian boys were really cramped..  Furthermore, the current animal-care standard is 2.5 cubic feet per rat (minimum of 5.0 cubic feet for one rat), and the Rat Manor barely qualifies.  Second, the Rat Manor is organized vertically instead of horizontally.  This makes it hard to decorate, since there is not much floor space.  Nor do the access doors make decorating any easier.

I wouldn't go so far as to call the Rat Manor inhumane, but I do believe it is possible to do much better.  For anyone wanting a lightweight yet sturdy cage, Martin's is the way to go.  You can get a much larger Martin's that is lighter and easier to manage than the Rat Manor.  For my first mischief I bought an elegant black powder-coated R-285.  It was a bit crowded for four rats (which the cage standard of the day allowed), but I liked it.  It was reasonably easy to decorate, and the top hinged open, so when I was home I always had it open to give the ratties a sense of real roominess (though the fact that the top opens makes hanging hammocks a bit tricky!).  It was also very easy to clean.  I wish I had followed people's advice and put it together with cable ties instead of the metal rings Martin's supplies--it would have been much easier to take apart for shipping when I finally gave that cage away.

I wish now that I had kept it--I have a boy who doesn't get along well with the others, and that would have been a perfect cage for him to run around in.  I have him in a SuperPets thing with three small plastic levels that someone gave me--adequate because he's the only occupant, and because I happen to be in a position right now to compensate by giving him lots and lots of out time.  (He's helping me type this, in fact!)  But I do miss that R-285.
Home Squeak Home / Re: best light weight cage?
« Last post by Michael C on March 20, 2017, 01:51:53 AM »
I didnt care for the Martins cages, they are kind of ugly and expensive.

The pictures on the Martin's website are terribly ugly. I can't understand why the Martin's people don't update their site with good images. If you want to see what Martin's cages really look like, check out this Martin's cage pic thread.

The Rat Manor is a cheaper cage, though (for good reason). If this is the cage you want, just make sure you purchase it online and not from the store. For whatever reason, they charge much more at the store.
Home Squeak Home / Re: best light weight cage?
« Last post by Vonda Z on March 19, 2017, 10:13:01 PM »
Congratulations on your new additions!

I would encourage you to take another look at a Martin's cage before making your final decision. When they are powder coated, I believe they are much nicer looking than the rat manor. They are definitely more durable and well constructed and, more importantly, they have larger doors than the rat manor, making it much easier to clean and to accessorize and to handle rats inside it. Since you are looking for easy to clean, you should think twice, because the rat manor is not one of the easier cages to maintain, and its construction is much more flimsy than a Martins. I honestly believe that you will be much happier long term with the Martin's cage and, while it may be pricier than a rat manor, it will last you much longer, making it worth the extra money. Martins cages also tend to have decent resale value, so if you decide you don't want to stick with rats after these, then you will likely be able to get some of your investment back selling the cage used. Also, the fact that it has a larger footprint is a big plus to me as it gives the rats more running room - especially appreciated by females who tend to be more active.

I only say this because when people opt for less expensive options with regard to the rat cage, they usually end up regretting that decision fairly quickly and end up buying a better cage in short order either because they one they started with didn't hold up or because they got sick of dealing with it. They end up wasting more money by trying to save money.

That said, if the rat manor is really the cage that you love, it is the one pet store cage that can make an acceptable home for a pair of rats, so if you are firmly sold on it, there is nothing wrong with going that route and I am sure your girls will be very happy.

Good luck with your girls. Keep an eye on the one that is sneezing. Sneezing is not unusual in new rats as they adjust to the new environment. However, if the sneezing doesn't improve in a week or two or if other symptoms develop, you may want to get her checked out just in case.
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