Author Topic: Cocoabean- shelter bun in Berkeley, CA- dental surgery- donations sought  (Read 1397 times)

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Hi Bun lovers:

I'm normally on the Rats Rule forum, but am also a volunteer in the small animal room at my local shelter in San Francisco, CA, so I care for rats, mice, buns, GPs, parakeets, and anything else that isn't a dog or cat!

I'm copying an email I received from Lauren at NorthStar Rescue- a small animal rescue in Santa Rosa, CA that I've adopted my 2 rat boys, Pir and Watson from. They do awesome work. They coordinate adoption fairs at one of the best pet stores ever- RabbitEars in Kensington, CA. RabbitEars took Cocoabean in from a shelter in Berkeley after he was found to not be eating- poor thing has root problems and a malocculsion.

If anyone want to donate to Cocoabean's vet fees, please see the email below for instructions, and thanks in advance for reading.

: )

 Dear Bunny Buddies,
> Cocobean was left behind in an apartment when his guardian moved
> out. RabbitEARS took him in immediately because he wasn't eating at
> the Berkeley shelter. We syringe-fed him until the vet discovered
> malocclusion and root infection. He's doing better on antibiotics
> and pain medications, and is scheduled for surgery on April 18th.
> We expect his bill to run upwards of $1,100. Coco is the sweetest,
> gentlest bunny we have ever met. He's about 1 year old, a beautiful
> golden color, with violet eyes. We neutered him last month and
> expect to adopt him out after his surgery. His $55 adoption fee
> won't even cover the cost of his neuter, let alone the corrective
> surgery.
> If any of you can help with a donation toward his surgery, we would
> gratefully appreciate it. You can call the store at 510-525-6155
> and pay over the phone with a credit card. Or walk in with a check
> or cash donation (location below). Or, pay online via our secure
> PayPal link at We will mail you a
> tax-deductible receipt regardless of the amount of donation.
> Cocobean will be smiling all the way to your heart and into his new
> forever home!
> Please post to your listserves.
> Thank you.
> Judy
> RabbitEARS
> 377 Colusa Avenue
> Kensington CA 94707 (North Berkeley, El Cerrito and Albany intersection)
> Phone 510-525-6155