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This thread is for recommending vets in the US and Canada that community members have worked with, and trust. If you would like to recommend a vet, please use the following format to share contact information. For international listings, check this thread.

City/State (or Province):
Vet's Name:
Clinic/Hospital Name:
Phone Number:
Web Site: (if applicable)
E-mail: (if applicable)

Please DO NOT use this thread for discussion. It's for recommending a veterinarian ONLY. All discussion posts will be removed without warning. If you have a question for the person who recommended any vet on the list, please contact them via private message.

Please also do not use this thread to request a vet. I have created a special thread in Rat Care Corner for requesting a vet recommendation specific to your area.

Additionally, this is not a thread for dissing vets. If you don't like a vet, don't list them. Any "anti-recommendations" will be removed without warning for legal reasons -- we're NOT going into slander/libel territory.

I know this system will not be as organized as some of the lists out there... in time, as the list grows, I may add a section to RatsRule that is more organized and easier to search. This is why I have listed City/State first. You can always use your browser's "find" function to look up a particular city or state on each page of the thread.

If You Use This Resource
Please dont abuse this information. Do not contact a vet whos never seen your animals before, asking for free advice just because you see their phone number or email address listed here. Make a proper appointment, take your rats in, get to know the vet, and let the vet get to know your pets. Additionally, in many cases it is unethical for a vet to diagnose an animal without having seen it in person. We don't want vets asking to have their names removed from this list because too many people were soliciting free advice.

RatsRule.com, Goosemoose.com, and the people who have recommended the veterinarians on this list cannot make any guarantees about quality of work. Additionally, any recommendation of a particular vet should not be taken as a recommendation of other vets at the same hospital -- each vet has their own areas of expertise. You should thoroughly check out any veterinarian for yourself to see if they meet your requirements. Through compiling this list, we just wish to share our positive experiences with the community, and possibly give people a place to start in finding experienced vet care.

Other Vet Recommendation Lists and Advice
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Fax: (540) 659-0941
City/State:  Stafford, VA
Vet's Name:  Dr. Gretchen Guth
Clinic/Hospital Name:  Aquia Garrisonville Animal Hospital
Address:  878 Garrisonville Road
P.O. Box 428
Stafford, VA  22554-3901
Phone Number:  (540) 659-4389
Fax: (540) 659-0941
Web Site:  http://www.agahvet.com/

Dr. Gretchen Guth is a caring, dedicated vet and a very good friend.  She's certified for treating Exotica and had rats of her own and is wonderful with them.  I've have given her LOTS of experience with treating my numerous rattties.

City/State:  Lowell, MI
Vet's Name:  Dr. Bruce Langlois
Clinic/Hospital Name:  Animal Hospital of Lowell
Phone Number:  616 897 8484
Web Site: http://www.lowellvet.com/

I used a different vet recommended on other vet lists, but gradually moved farther and farther away.  When that vet was unavailable during an emergency, I tried a vet in my new town.  They got me in RIGHT away, while I was panicking that Reilly was dying, got x-rays, fluids, and a shot of baytril into him.  Then called me the next morning (Saturday) to see how he was doing.  On another visit, he got rat poop right down his sleeve and just said "Nice aim", and shook it out.  

I know I'm the only person who has rats at this practice, because when I call, the  receptionists know who I am :)  The staff is great - putting kleenex in the exam room when Sam had to be PTS, storing his body for me at no charge until Spring, etc.  I appreciate a vet who doesn't talk down to me, is open to suggestions, and will look it up if s/he doesn't know.  

Rates are a little high, but it's a hospital, so I understand that's to be expected.  

City/State: Plainview, NY  (Long Island)
Vet's Name: Dr. Robert Monaco
Clinic/Hospital Name: Old Country Animal Clinic
Address: 669 Old Country Road, Plainview, NY
Phone Number: (516) 938 7218
Web Site: n/a
E-mail: n/a
Comments: Dr Monaco has had a lot of rats as patients, and has experience with rat spays and neuters, respiratory infections, and tumors. He can be a little pessimistic at times, but will pursue any reasonable option for treatment. He's also great with reptiles, birds (he's board certified) and other exotics. His associates and vet techs are pretty good too.  :)

City/State:  Minnetonka Minnesota
Vet's Name:Dr. Barb Leppke
Clinic/Hospital Name:Shady Oak Vet Clinic
Address:4340 Shady Oak Road
Phone Number:952-938-1926
Web Site: (if applicable)
E-mail: (if applicable)
Comments: Dr. Barb has cared for my rats for more than 4 years. Takes a special interest in rats, learns a lot about them, also interested to hear what others' experiences are. Experienced in surgery. Willing to fit in the sick rat for established clients.


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