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Parakeet can't fly
« on: June 11, 2010, 09:48:27 PM »
So about two weeks ago, I noticed my parakeet was sitting on the bottom of the cage, real lethargic. Got him on Baytril (did it for 10 days) and force fed for about two days. He has been eating and drinking well since day 3 and he has been active as usual, minus the flying. He is not favoring one leg. He can physically perch, but he cannot fly. If I hold him, he tries to fly away, and it consists of him flapping his wings like crazy and putting his feet back, but he just doesn't go anywhere. He is not injured (at least that we can see). Nothing has changed as far as diet (he is on KAytee pellets, not sure what they're called and he gets veggies/fruit/millet ocassionally) and he is in the same cage with the same mate (both males, about 5 years old).

A little history in case it is relevant... a few years ago, he was diagnosed with aspers and was treated with fluconazole and a nebulizer for quite a while. Since then, xrays have showed he does have limited lung space, but has never had any problems breathing (or flying for that matter).