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Rat Care Corner / Re: $5 off Carefresh
« Last post by Been to the Mountaintop on February 16, 2019, 02:51:28 AM »

So sorry. My eighteen year old gets nose bleeds, too. And chokes on the postnasal.

With a newborn kitten years ago who had been in the birth canal too long, I super-gently put my mouth over nose and mouth and oh so carefully sucked a little salty liquid out. Then with massage the baby was back. Greatest squeak I ever heard! Adult rats can usually clear choking on their own. You could try helping by mouth or baby bulb but that would probably cause more panic.

Just asking--why meds in the sink instead of cage? We're down to three and they all get a baby jar lid with a bit of baby food meat served to each in the cage and the sick one has meds in hers. Nobody's the wiser.

Even with central heat set to 76 and plastic on windows sometimes it is only 60 in here! They have lots of crinkles to block the igloo door, a couple of hammocks big enough for all of them, a large heating pad on the top (logistically it can't go under), and they are right next to me, my electric blanket and my lamp. They also have a humidifier and an air cleaner and we clean cage more than weekly. When it is colder they hang together in the hammock under the heating pad. When warmer I find them various places.

One possibility (gulp) is a tumor in a sinus. Also, I had a Zymbal's Gland tumor start this way. Hope it's neither. Best wishes!
Rat Tails & Mug Shots / Re: Please help me with a "like" or two!
« Last post by Been to the Mountaintop on February 16, 2019, 02:32:38 AM »
Liked. And appreciate all the ways you support and promote our little group.
Rat Tails & Mug Shots / Re: Please help me with a "like" or two!
« Last post by gramma2jaakk on February 12, 2019, 10:23:11 AM »
I "liked" your two pictures. Such cuties!! Good luck!
Rat Tails & Mug Shots / Please help me with a "like" or two!
« Last post by ratluver372 on February 11, 2019, 05:32:03 PM »
Thank you to anyone who wouldn't mind sparing a minute to like my 2 photos:

AND... Feel free to add your own pictures to the shelter Valentine, perhaps even helping a rescue:
Rat Care Corner / Re: Bloody nostril, labored breathing (Actual blood, NOT Poryphrin)
« Last post by sujamma on February 11, 2019, 03:27:18 AM »
Oh my, sorry it took me so long to see your reply. Miles is still struggling on and off with his bloody nose (he had another incident just a few minutes ago). I tried taking him off bedding completely, but that didn't help, then i tried turning the heat off and keeping a humidifier going, but I can't tell how much that has or hasn't helped. I'm beginning to think it's just the way it works with nasal polyps in humans, where sporadic nosebleeds happen but humidity seems to help calm it down.

His vet seems to think the reason he sometimes goes into respiratory distress is because he might be inhaling some of the blood back into his lungs or it's causing a blockage and he panics, but hard to know. The fit slows down once he has sneezed up some sizable chunks, which look like blood clots but I'm not sure. I take him into the bathroom to sit him in the sink until he's done, and just wipe his nose and pet his head until it's over, which makes it easier to clean up after. I'm always washing blood stains off his things and the floor around his cage, at a loss for what to do anymore but love on him and take care of him during his episodes, because steroids and antibiotics didn't change anything, unfortunately.
Rat Care Corner / $5 off Carefresh
« Last post by ratluver372 on February 09, 2019, 09:54:15 PM »
$5 off Carefresh ! *US only*
Coupon Good through 3/11/19
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(I just saw that the prize comes in the form of gift certificates and the winner is responsible for shipping and handling charges- not sure if you could use the certificate during a free shipping promo!)
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