Author Topic: 5 male albino mice still in need of homes in central NY, will drive out of state  (Read 1371 times)

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these 5 are what's left of 11 mice someone I work with had dumped on me..  I agreed to take them in, little realizing how MANY there were!  the females all found homes, but the 5 little boys still need some loving homes..

there were two litters.  three males get along well, and are about 6+ months old.  there are two younger males who get along ok together as well.  the mice have been handled, but are still skiddish.  they'll climb onto your hand if you place it in the tank for a while to let them sniff it, but they will nibble on your fingernail out of nowhere!   no, they do not bite, they just seem to like fingernails ::smiles::

I'm willing to provide water bottle, food bowl, hide box, 10 galllon tank, and secure screen top for each one adopted out...