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Rattie Babies Available in MI - IL
« on: April 15, 2003, 09:53:04 PM »
Hey everyone,

These are the available babies out of my two most recent litters.  You can see pictures of them on my website, as well as their parents, and pedigrees.  Please feel free to email me for more information, or with questions.  :)  Babies will be available around 5 weeks of age, and can be picked up here (Dorr, Michigan) or May 24th at the RMFE Show, which is going to be held in Oakbrook, Illinois.  (No babies under six weeks old can attend the show, so any litters born after May 12th will not be there.

Babies from these litters can go to Pet or Pet/Breeding homes.  They are adopted out under contract as all my babies are.  If you do not have a rat of the same-sex at home, you must adopt same-sex pairs, so they do not get lonely.


DCR Malachi x MR Kineta - Born 3-19-03

Malachi is a Black Self Dumbo male.  He's a huge boy, and carries Russian Blue, American Blue, and Mink.  This is my 5th time breeding him, and he always sires awesome babies.  

Kineta is a Seal Point Siamese standard ear female.  She is Agouti-based, which is why there is Agouti babies in the litter.  She carries American Blue, Russian Blue, and Dumbo.  She is a large female with a very laid back and silly attitude.

All babies in this litter will carry Dumbo, Siamese, and Black if they do not show it.  They may also carry American Blue, Russian Blue, and/or Mink.

M Black Self Dumbo
M Black Irish Dumbo (small white spot on tummy)
M Agouti Self Dumbo
M Agouti Irish Standard Ear
M American Blue Agouti Self Dumbo - RESERVED, RTR

F Russian Blue Irish Standard Ear - RESERVED, Larissa
F Black Irish Dumbo - RESERVED, Larissa


RHR Reflecting The Moon x IR Frosty - Born 4-1-03

Reflection is a Silvered Black Dilute Berkshire Dumbo.  He carries American Blue and Masked, possibly other colors.  He's an absolute sweetheart with a great personality.

Frosty is an American Blue Agouti Self Dumbo.  She may carry RED and/or Hairless, but I'm not sure.  She's out of a wonderful linebred litter that produced a mix of American Blue and RED-based colors and combinations.

All babies in this litter will carry American Blue if they do not show it, possibly other colors such as the RED gene.  The lighter colored babies do not have clear tummy markings yet, which is why many have none noted down yet.

M Black Self Dumbo
M Black Berkshire Dumbo, Headspot - RESERVED, AG
M Black Irish Dumbo, tiny tummy spot
M American Blue Agouti Dumbo - RESERVED, Courtney
M American Blue Dumbo - RESERVED, MAD

F Black Irish Dumbo, two tummy spots
F Agouti Dumbo
F Agouti Dumbo, tiny Headspot
F Agouti Berkshire Dumbo, short blaze
F American Blue Dumbo - RESERVED, OTR
F American Blue Agouti Dumbo - KEEPING
F American Blue Agouti Dumbo - RESERVED, RHR


For an additional list of older rats available, please email me.  I also have a high-white Dumbo Rex litter coming up, Mom is due in a few days, she's huge!!

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