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Title: Considering Adopting a Parakeet
Post by: RayN on March 17, 2011, 09:59:29 AM
So, years ago I had a Cockatoo and I loved her more than any pet I've had before or since. I have a friend who works at the animal shelter and they found a parakeet, and no one has claimed it.

But it's been years since I had a bird, and this one is a different species than my Baby was. Do y'all have any sites or goof posts for me to read up on parakeets? Will it need a friend? Can birds even be intro'd to other birds? Maybe 2 cages side by side?

My Baby was hand raised by my great uncle and the sweetest thing in the world, are parakeets friendly? Could I get it used to me? How much socialization will it need with me? Out of cage time?

Just general advice would be nice.