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Title: Visual Tutorial
Post by: Suebee on April 12, 2002, 03:26:01 PM
This thread will offer tips and hints on the forum's interface. I'm doing it on the fly, so I will be editing and tweaking it over the next few months until we cover everything that needs to be covered, using our "Official Guinea Pig," Jane Doe.

See Jane. See Jane post.  ;D

The original thread used as the example in this tutorial is HERE (;action=display;threadid=22)

When composing a new thread or replying to a message, you will get this screen. Keep in mind, it may look slightly different, as I use Internet Explorer 5.1 for Macintosh.  ;D


You have lots of options when composing a reply -- we have a whole slew of smileys, as well as text enhancements and buttons that will add the necessary code to add images, links and more. It might take some time to get used to all the features. Feel free to check the "Help" link at the top of the forum for information on some of the YaBB code.  ;D

Once you post it, it will look something like this. Keep in mind I shrunk my window a little to compact things a little.  ;D


You can edit your own posts, as well as delete it entirely if you see fit. Unfortunately, glowing text and shadow text do not show up in Jane's browser (IE 5.1 for Mac), so the screen capture may not be excatly what you see when you go to the post.

At the left, under your screen name, image and custom title, there are links for your profile, e-mail, web site and private message. Jane doesn't use any other instant messaging services (AIM, Yahoo, etc.), otherwise those icons would appear, as well, above the icons shown.

If you would like a custom signature, you need to fill it in when you complete your profile. For the sake of our server and bandwidth preservation, please DO NOT use images in your signature. Please use the Personalized Picture section of your profile to display your desired image. The admins reserve the right to edit your profile to remove images from your signature. Thank you.
Title: Re:Visual Tutorial
Post by: Suebee on April 10, 2003, 09:48:32 AM
Addendum: How to Shorten Long URLs

Sometimes, a particularly long URL will cause the forum format to get a little wonky. To remedy this, we ask that people try to remember to always create text links for long URLs. They're actually quite easy!

Using this button: ( you can insert url tags. Alternately, you can type in the tags yourself, and insert the correct information in the correct places. Just takes a little thought. ;)


Typing your url in the format above will create a text link, as shown below:

RatsRule (