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Title: 2 Male Budgies, Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Post by: @Debs111 on February 07, 2006, 08:46:59 AM
Chips and Nemo are 2 male budgies, currently housed together in a 19x19" cage with toys and wooden perches.
They arent getting the attention they need with me so I'd like them to go to a loving forever home.
Chips is a yellow faced blue and Nemo has patches of white and blue, pictures below.
Chips isnt tame at all, Nemo will let u pick him up and catch him but doesnt like sitting on your hand.
They get on but also could be split up providing they'll be with other budgies.
I could rehome them for free without cage, food or accessories...or for the pair, cage, toys, food, sandpaper I'd like around 20 to cover costs.

I cant deliver so you would need to come to me.

Nemo in Flight

The cage, it has a lot more toys in and a large wooden perch

Photos of them both