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Title: Sorry...this is a question about mice babies
Post by: Shelly1221 on July 15, 2006, 03:37:45 AM
I know they're not rats, but maybe its similar??? I have been following this site for a while about my pet rat and you all seem very knowledgable. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction.  I recently adopted a mouse pair from a rescue. The female was pregnant and had her pups the night we brought them home. She has 10 pups. However, they were (and are) being housed in a SAM style cage, the kind with a top compartment. Naturally, this top compartment is where mom chose to make the nest. I am worried about the little ones falling down the long tube once they start leaving the nest. They are currently about 9 days old. When would it be safe to move them and what do you recommend? I have a 15 gal aquarium I could move them to. Mom is pretty skittish and I don't want to upset her. However the babies don't have access to food up in the compartment and some websites say they will start to eat solid food at 3 weeks. Also, the father has been with them all this time. He is a really great father and helps keep everyone clean and warm. I was familiar with gerbils (the father stays and helps raise the babies) so I assumed this was ok. I would prefer to separate all the males at one time with the father but I was wondering if I should remove him earlier to prevent another litter. If so, will I be able to introduce the male babies to him later? If anyone can give me any info I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Shelly
Title: Re: Sorry...this is a question about mice babies
Post by: dwankrista on July 15, 2006, 09:38:47 AM
i would leave them be until 14 days, to be quite honest.  also, if you have not already removed dad she is almost certainly pregnant again.  males will impregnate the female almost immediately after birth.
Title: Re: Sorry...this is a question about mice babies
Post by: Grace on July 15, 2006, 09:53:19 AM
Unfortunately, if the male is with mom still, she may already be pregnant again.  I'd seperate him now, and hopefully she isn't pregnant again.  Also...  Male mice can be VERY territorial and agressive when it comes to living with other males.  The babies may be fine together for a little while, but once they start getting closer to puberty/maturity, odds are very likely that they'll start fighting and have to live seperately.

Have any of the babies started trying to leave the nest yet?  At this point, it's doubtful mom would kill them, and if anyone has started trying to wander, they may be better off in the tank now.  When you do move them, take the female out and put her in a carrier or such.  Then when you set up the tank, just transfer the entire nest to the tank.  That way she may feel more secure, plus she won't have to rebuild the entire thing.  After it's all set up, put mom back in and leave them be for a while.
Title: Re: Sorry...this is a question about mice babies
Post by: Shelly1221 on July 19, 2006, 10:54:38 AM
Still looking for advice on mice. I'm pretty sure mom is pregnant again *sigh* my mistake. So at this point would it be ok to separate all the boys a 4 weeks? Also, has anyone has success with male mice living together? And as a side note is there anyone in the Charlotte, NC with extra mouse sized cages? (This could get "hairy"!)  ::) ;D
Title: Re: Sorry...this is a question about mice babies
Post by: Grace on July 19, 2006, 11:10:19 AM
Thanks for the update - I was wondering how things were going!

First thing you want to be sure you're doing is giving momma Mouse plenty of extra protein!  Eggs, kitten chow, etc...  Especially if she is preggers again.

I would go ahead and seperate all the males now, so long as they're 4 weeks old.  At this point, they can still live together happily, but in a few months, you'll probably have to seperate them all.  The best things you can do to try and get them to live together successfully are some of these:

Use HUGE tanks/cages for htem.  While not the prettiest, a really economical way to have enough housing is to purchase LARGE clear storage bins.  Get a roll of wire mesh (1/2" spacing), and cut a large hole out of the lid.  Cover the hole with the mesh - presto.  Instant mouse cage.  In my experience, floor space is more imporant than height, so you'd be better off using the long ones as opposed to a really tall one.  I usually get ones that are about 36"x12"x18" or so.  Seperate the males into small groups, 2 or 3 is a good number.

In the cage, have at least one of everything per male.  If you have two males, have at least two houses, 2 food bowls, etc.  This way, they can set up their own little territories, and hopefully will be less likely to argue and fight over who "owns" what.  If you don't already, get a bunch of wheels!  It seems, to me anyway, that mice LOVE using wheels, just be sure to have more than one per cage so they don't fight over it.

A few of us on here have had males live together happily, but, it seems that usually after a while they'll stop getting along.  *sigh*  Just keep a close eye on them, and don't clean the cage too much.  Males do have an odor, because most of them are crazy about scent marking their territory.  Don't let the cage get too dirty, obviously, but, if you wash it every day, not only will it wind up smelling MORE (they have to remark everything), they may be more likely to fight over re-establishing who's is what.

On a side note, and not really related at all...  Something I've noticed with the males I have...  The less they smell, the more docile they are, and the more likely they are to get along with other males!  The more they smell, the less docile, etc.  Here's hoping you dont' have stinky males!  heh

Any more questions, feel free to ask!  And don't forget pics of hte babies! ;)