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Title: Skinny, whiny kitten. Normal?
Post by: *~Phoenix~* on January 25, 2009, 06:48:39 PM
So, my kitten is about 10 months old now. I can't remember exactly how old she was when we got her, but we got her last Spring. Her name is Princess Mia, and she is all black. We had gotten her at a petstore, but we later found out that she was a drop-off with her mom and littermates when she was still weaning (my brother's fiance is friends with the person who dropped them off--apparently she found them in a box on the side of the road).
She is really friendly, but she is SO WHINY. She has always been very vocal, but we can't figure out why. It's not a typical meow, it's a whine. She only weighs 5 lbs., but she eats all the time. She has a gravity feeder w/dry food that she has access to 24/7, and she gets wet food 3 times a day. She doesn't have any problems going to the bathroom, but when she sits, she never puts her butt on the ground. She is totally pampered, and we noticed she's more whiny when she hasn't had her wet food in a few hours, or when it's naptime (my mom naps with her at least once a day). She hates being held or picked up, but she likes to be around people. She sleeps with my mom every night, as well as her "boyfriend", my 17 pound (neutered) male kitty. Those 2 LOVE each other and are constantly grooming each other, sleeping together, and playing together. (We have another cat, he's 16, neutered, but he's a grump and hates both of them  :P).
Here is some more info about Mia, I don't know if it's relevant or not...
She is not spayed, and she hasn't had her shots or seen the vet, because my mom doesn't think it's necessary being that she hasn't been out of the house since she was found when she was just a few weeks old. She still has her claws (and will most likely keep them--our other 2 cats are declawed but we would rather not declaw her being that we don't feel it neccesary in her case).
Is this normal for a girl kitten, or does it sound like something is wrong with her?
Title: Re: Skinny, whiny kitten. Normal?
Post by: PureMuttz on January 25, 2009, 07:43:31 PM
10 months old. Not spayed.

Perhaps she's in heat? She's ''at that age''.
Title: Re: Skinny, whiny kitten. Normal?
Post by: Lise on January 25, 2009, 10:48:16 PM
I agree... an unspayed female cat will make a LOT of extra noise.  They are very vocal as they are looking to attract a mate.
Title: Re: Skinny, whiny kitten. Normal?
Post by: forkyfork on January 28, 2009, 02:37:20 PM
An in heat cat sometimes doesnt exactly sit. They usually tap their bottom get excited, meow and put their butt back up in the air with the tail off to the side.

Want to know if shes in heat? Press down on her back at the tail gently, if she stretches out, flicks her back feet and yowls youll know shes in heat. 

Then if your still not sure take your hand and press your palm against her butt where her girl bits are and if she acts strange "excited" (other than disgusted that you would do that) then shes in heat.

Title: Re: Skinny, whiny kitten. Normal?
Post by: wordsyouxwrote on January 30, 2009, 02:47:52 AM
Well, it is very necessary that she sees a vet.

Things like FIV/FeLV can affect a cat quickly. She may look healthy, but only a vet knows whats going on insider her body. FIV/FeLV is a very serious thing. I work in a No-Kill shelter & we've had a FIV+ cat for over a year. He's the sweetest thing ever but everyone is set off to these types of diseases, naturally. FIV/FeLV cats can live long lives just like a normal cat & die of unrelated issues, but, some cats, younger & older are more prone to being infected & you can in the long run end up infecting more cats if you continue to think the vet is "unnecessary".

I'll stop ranting now. She's in heat, if she doesn't get fixed, welcome to having a very annoying (but adorable) cat. Younger cats can go into heat up to 3 times a month. She'll start spraying furniture which is a mess to clean up. My kitten Twiggy who is now 7 months old went into heat early on at 5 months & ended up getting horrible Fibroids, nearly scaring us half to death thinking she had cancer or was pregnant. She sprayed our furniture so much that now even though she's fixed, she's stuck to the habit. She's slowly learning. But also, spaying her helped put on the pounds.

Good luck, please take her to see a vet.