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Title: 2 siamese cats looking for a home one male and one female both are fixed
Post by: bnjaaj on July 20, 2009, 01:55:56 PM
i have 2 siamese cats mia and ming. mia i think is a snowfooted siamese so she is brown black and white and ming is just brown and black. mia is sweet and is very content with sitting on your chest just being petted or lap.she loves attention. ming prefers to be left alone and just wants to eat and sleep and tries to avoid mia cause she's the ruler of the house. anyway they are good cats and they are litter boxed trained lol. they need a home where they can get more love than are getting now cause we are hardly home and yea i know cats don't need much but it still nice that they have it. well if anyone knows anyone i live in south fl and will travel between orlando and lantana to bring to homes or u can come pick them up