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Title: martins playpens, huh???
Post by: petunia on March 23, 2010, 12:56:54 AM
has anyone purchased the small martins playpen, the one that is 22 by 44 instead of 44 by 44?

I put it in the shopping cart on their site to see what shipping would be, and it says that it weighs 50lbs and the shipping is just under $22

I put a large playpen in the shopping cart and it comes up weighing 50lbs with the same shipping as the smaller one


how can the one that's roughly half the size, weigh the same?

so basically, they are saying you can get a large playpen for just $12 more than the one that is half it's size

does that make sense?

I've been thinking it'd be nice to have a small one, but damn, I don't want to have to pay almost as much as I did for the large one!!

Title: Re: martins playpens, huh???
Post by: coliekumar on March 23, 2010, 03:04:04 AM
I folds up to be the same size as the big one and it is an over-sized package, so that my account for the shipping price?
Title: Re: martins playpens, huh???
Post by: RattiesSix on March 23, 2010, 07:09:12 AM
I have no idea. I just ordered the large one and it came to $95. The shipping was roughly what you're quoting. I figured it was worth it anyhow to buy the larger one since it's only $12 more. Though I did hear someone say the larger one can be broken down into the smaller one easily. So maybe you could get the larger one, and break it down til you need it to be big again.