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Title: Tanks and cages for sale in Northern IL!
Post by: *~Phoenix~* on June 28, 2010, 08:21:53 PM
1) My sweet bearded dragon, Chloe, just passed away last night so... I am selling her tank and her things.
She was in a 40 gallon reptile tank (so i don't believe it holds water--it might, i just don't know). Included with the tank is her UV light (or whatever it's called--it's the long fluorescant light), and her 3 climbing/basking areas (shown in pic). I spent about $300 on everything, I am asking $100 for it all, or best offer.
This is a great setup up for reptiles. I know Chloe loved it. Hopefully this can be someone else's forever home.

2) I am also selling Chloe's other tank. It is a 75 gallon. It has some minor scratches on the paneling, but otherwise it's in good condition. It doesn't come with a "lid", but I can include what worked for me which is fitted glass for one side, and then a metal grate that covers the entire thing which is really sturdy and works great for heat lamps. Am asking $100 or best offer.

3) I have a "Coast Cage", bought from Petco for ~$40 that I am no longer using. There is a section that I modified (I took out the wheel because it was unsafe for sensitive little paws) but it's wired closed and there's a spot where you can fit the water bottle spout in and it actually holds it pretty nicely. I also have these green shelf covers that cover most of each shelf. They are a gel type material and also help protect your critter's feet. The cage itself (with the shelf covers) is $15. I also have some accesories that you can buy with it, if you would like. I have a sparkly pink igloo that would be a perfect hidey-house for a hamster or mice or a gerbil or 2. I also have a purple wheel that is sized for hamsters, gerbils, and mice. And I also have water bottles available. You could choose from 3 colors: green, purple, or blue. Like I said, if you want just the cage (and shelf covers), it's $15. If you want everything, it's $25.

Lastly, I am selling my guinea pigs' old cage. It is in good condition except for the fact that one bar is broke on the door. But that was never a problem because my guinea pigs couldn't reach that high, and even if they could, they couldn't fit through. So it would work great for guinea pigs or rabbits. Here is a link to what the cage looks like, dimensions, etc.
Asking $40 or best offer.

Cash and pickup only, please (I am in Gurnee). Thanks for looking, and have a good day. =]