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Title: Uh... drool?
Post by: eyohkay on October 21, 2011, 10:30:31 PM
Since the last of the Gemstones went home last week, I decided to foster a couple of Rattie Tattie's eight dumbo sisters who all have varying levels of aggression.  I went and picked up Valerie and Tika this afternoon and got them all settled in to their new cage at around 6:30.  They have really, Really terrible eyesight and are just a little unsure of hands, but so far, they've been real sweethearts, surprisingly.

All of the sisters look very similar, so I brought them upstairs a little while later to compare them to their PetFinder photos to figure out who was who (I'm still not positive that I have Tika, haha).  The girls ended up crawling inside of my jacket and since they seemed content, I decided to just let them be.  I layed down on my side and they crawled around to my back and went to sleep.

I kept feeling movement and what I thought felt like wetness, but there wasn't any way they could be peeing on me where I felt it, so I figured it was probably just their body heat that I was feeling.  I finally decided to pull them out, though, and Valerie's face was... soaked.  Her chin, down her chest, her front legs.  I sniffed... she didn't have a smell at all.  I sniffed again, just to be sure... nothing.  I checked her teeth, they look great.  I pulled out Tika.  Same thing, only a lot less... just some wetness on her chin.  Checked teeth, sniffed, nothing out of the ordinary.  I grabbed Valerie and smelled her again... nothing.  The whole time I was saying "What in the?  What?  Do you have rabies?  What is wrong with you? What in the?"  The boyfriend checked my shirt, and sure enough, I had a huge wet spot.

My best guess is that it was drool?  But it was like... serious amounts of drool.  I didn't give them any treats or anything, they just curled up in my jacket and went to sleep.  Not sure if it's worth mentioning or not, but Valerie does appear to be barbering one of her front feet, but they were both slobbery, so I don't know.

What in the?   :confused:
Title: Re: Uh... drool?
Post by: loveforrats16 on October 22, 2011, 02:08:32 AM
Drool would most likely mean choking, but i really doubt all 3 were choking. Could it be that one is/was choking and got the others wet? Maybe their noses were running? I know viruses can effect the glands in their throats which swell and if swollen would cause difficulty swallowing, possibly resulting in drooling. I really hope its not that, though.
Title: Re: Uh... drool?
Post by: lilspaz68 on October 22, 2011, 08:45:28 AM
I have seen animals in stress this possible?  They seem like nervous girls.  Any shivers while in your shirt?
Title: Re: Uh... drool?
Post by: eyohkay on October 22, 2011, 11:01:04 AM
Alisha, I'm pretty positive they weren't choking.  They weren't showing any signs of choking and hadn't had anything but lab blocks and a couple Gerber puffs and hour or so prior.  It also was definitely not from her nose... it looked like she had flopped down face first in a puddle of water.  Way way too much to have come from her nose and it wasn't slimey, just really wet.

Shelagh, they definitely could have been stressed, but no shivers that I noticed.  These girls and their 6 sisters all have varying levels of aggression, so I brought them home to hopefully rehab and rehome.  They haven't been handled much I don't think and they're pretty unsure of things.  They just seemed so content in there, and Valerie is the less timid of the two, but was the one that was drenched.

*scratches head*