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Title: Adorable kittens in need of homes! Near Syracuse NY
Post by: JustJessii on April 23, 2012, 07:35:26 PM
I have 5 adorable kittens (my sister does actually) that need homes! One -might- have a home, but I'm gonna throw the pics out there just in case that falls through.

I want to make sure that they all get good homes where they get proper vet care and everything that they need, so please don't message me if you're looking for an outdoor or barn cat! I disagree with the idea of both and the danger that it puts them in. (Yes I do realize that the situation is inevitable for some.) Also, the names are temporary and it's fine if you want to change them, but I really didn't enjoy calling them "#1" "#2" or "the black one" or anything like that, so we named them.

In order of birth;

This is Leif, he's a bit of an explorer, but he's very calm and quiet, definitely a cuddlebug and sweetheart. Born 3/27/12 Male

Tattle, he's kind of silly, totally fearless, and extremely talkative! (That's how he got his name) Born 3/27/12 Male

This is Peek, I think she's ridiculously adorable. She's probably going to be a diva when she gets big, she's very sweet, and just a little talkative. Born 3/27/12 Female

We call this guy Char, because of his color. He's a bit cuddly, and not super talkative, but he's got a bit of an attitude, perhaps it's just an independent streak. ^_^ Born 3/28/12 Male(pretty sure)

And lastly we have Jazz, she's a super cuddly little sweetheart! She's very sweet and seems to have shorter fur than the rest. She may have a home, but I don't want her to be left out if that doesn't work out. Born 3/28/12 Female (almost positive)

Send me a pm or just reply here if you want one. I'm willing to try to meet people if it's needed, all depending on just how far it is. Please don't hesitate to ask!
They're ready to go around the middle of May.

Title: Re: Adorable kittens in need of homes! Near Syracuse NY
Post by: JustJessii on May 20, 2012, 09:35:24 PM
Please, if you know anyone in the area that might want a kitty, forward this to them, Leif and Peek are still in need of good homes, I'm trying, but I can't find anyone. Thank you for any help!
Title: Re: Adorable kittens in need of homes! Near Syracuse NY
Post by: Rzrwyre on July 17, 2012, 07:32:59 PM
Sometimes I never know how I miss threads...seems like they show up randomly even though I've been checking a lot!

I hope your little ones are well, somewhere, with good people.

I will admit one note:  Leif seemed to have enough red on him that I wondered about his technical sex?  He looked like he had a lot of black with some red.  USUALLY that would mean that he was either a female (XX) or a "kleinfelter's kitty."  The syndrome so named for humans, where a "male" has at least one extra X chromosome.  Usually mostly present as male, may or may not be "fertile" but since the red and black (or blue and cream if diluted) genes are only present on each one of the X chromosomes, usually a boy with three colors is XXY.  (It's pretty common, even in people, and half of the people with it don't even know!)

One way or the other, he should still be neutered as it's not always clear about the fertility thing.

I knew a HUGE longhaired tortie male (XXY for sure) who was the most gorgeous thing I think I've ever seen.  Go kitties!

Best to you and that crew,

- Raaz.
Title: Re: Adorable kittens in need of homes! Near Syracuse NY
Post by: JustJessii on July 19, 2012, 06:38:04 PM

I appreciate your comment. 3 of them are in great homes, the other 2 (Leif and Peek) and still looking. They've become pretty attached to each other and I'd really like to get them into a good home together, but I'm having a hard time finding a home for either. I can see in the photo what you mean about Leif, but he doesn't actually have red on him at all. His spots are completely tiger striped, and the parts in the photo that look red are just the in between parts. I do appreciate your concern though. Thanks again.


Everyone else-

Leif and Peek are still in desperate need of homes, if we can home them together it would be ideal. They're are both extremely sweet and really just want lots of love. Please pass these photos and my contact info on to friends or relatives in the NY area, we really need some help. Thanks so much!







Title: Re: Adorable kittens in need of homes! Near Syracuse NY
Post by: Rzrwyre on July 19, 2012, 06:42:38 PM
Oh, they look like perfect wonderful little stinkers!  I will have them in my thoughts and hope all works out well!

- Raaz.