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Title: What does it mean when my rabbit does this?
Post by: *~Phoenix~* on May 04, 2012, 09:47:08 AM
I just got my first rabbit 4 days ago. His name is Maximilian Thomas (aka Max or Maxi-pad lol) and he is a 5 month old Dwarf. I've been spending up to 5 hours each day with him. Earlier I was wiggling my fingers and chasing him around a bit and everytime I did that he jumped on my hand, started digging, and then bounced away before coming back to do it again. Was he annoyed at the game or enjoying it? What are some other ways I can bond with him? Anytime I am in my room I let him on my bed (he has several toys and things to chew on). He'll play for a bit then sprawl out and nap while I pet him. He is a VERY curious bunny and thinks the world revolves around him lol. If I am eating or drinking anything, he is all up on my lap until I share, haha.
I'm getting quite attached to the lil booger! :)
Title: Re: What does it mean when my rabbit does this?
Post by: Hammocks and Hideouts on May 06, 2012, 04:00:48 PM
Honestly, its hard to tell you if hes annoyed or not since each rabbit usually react differently to different things. My rabbit does this similar thing as well, I continue to do this because hes never shown any other signs of not wanting me to do this, he keeps coming back to me.
Something my rabbit loves is taking a light weight sheet (small piece of fabric) and holding it in the air and having him chase it. He loves this game so much, I even put a small piece of material in his cage and he tosses it on his back and brings it upstairs all day long by himself. It's a great game for him since he doesn't have a buddy to play with.  :thumbsup2: Goodluck!