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Title: White Ringneck Doves for Adoption- Long Island NY
Post by: 3FRescue on August 14, 2012, 09:17:15 AM
I took in 4 "female" ringnecks from a hoarding situation, and one turned out to be male. Had to separate him from the females due to plucking. I am looking to get him into a new home asap. He is in great feather, and laughs quite often. Approximate age given to me by previous owner is 2 years-though I would say he is a bit younger.

*Ringneck doves may be kept in outdoor aviaries, but should NEVER be let out as they have no homing instinct, and will get lost. They do very well as indoor birds, which is what he is accustomed to.
Please post here, or email: furfinandfeather at live dot com