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Title: Baby Rats Born July 1st Need Homes, Virginia Beach, VA area
Post by: lrideou on August 16, 2012, 01:08:16 PM
15 baby rats were born to a masked female and unknown male on July 1st. It is highly likely that the babies are halfsies. Their color is brown with white paws and pink tips on tails. They have been socialized before their eyes were open. Right now there are 2 females and 9 males available. Most have an  average temperament for a baby rat. They are just now creating their individual personalities. They are living in my home. To adopt one or more, I will need the name of your veterinarian and proof (photo) of the type of cage you have for them. Will not adopt to reptile owners. I am willing to travel within a hundred mile radius of Virginia Beach, VA to meet adoptive parents. Adoptive parents must agree to the neutering of the boys for obvious reasons. I will provide photos upon request.
Contact: Saint Nicholas Mouse Rescue
               Lucinda Rideout  757 340-3058 home
                                          757 664-4734 work