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Title: Older male budgie - Cincinnati, OH
Post by: eyohkay on September 23, 2012, 10:44:28 AM
One of our budgies passed away some time last night.  He and his cage-mate were a very bonded pair, so I'm hoping to find a new home for Adam where he'll have other budgie friends, as I'm not interested in getting any more.  He's at least 6 years old and not hand-tamed at all. We worked with them a lot when we first adopted them and made some slight progress, but life got busy and he didn't seem to enjoy being worked with anyways, so I just let them be.  They were free-range for quite some time in our bathroom until I got them a flight-cage.  Willing to travel a reasonable distance to get him to a good home.

He's the blue boy.