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Title: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: Lynke on December 25, 2012, 10:56:47 PM
Hello everybody :) me and my boyfriend have been talking about a rabbit for a year now. We finally moved in together and the talks have gotten more seriouse. We are thinking sometime in febuary if everything goes as planned. I just have a few questions

Can you guys suggest a bunny forum? I love goosemoose but I know you guys specialize in rats ;)

We want a dwarf rabbit, would a cage 2'x2'x4' be acceptable? We would be slowly working up to free range eventually so this would be more of a sleeping spot or a spot to go if were both not home

Do rabbits require yearly check ups? Or just when something is suspected to be wrong?

Do rabbits do fine solo? Or is a buddy a must?

Any other tips for a first time is ofcourse welcome :)
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: RattiesSix on December 25, 2012, 11:52:36 PM is the best rabbit forum I've found.

I believe that 2' would be too small. I think you want something closer to at least 3'.

Some rabbits are solo, some need a bunny. You'll want to have them altered if they're buddies. You should actually alter them anyway.

I'd take him/her in for an initial wellness visit. My boy needs regular teeth trimmings, so he's in often.

Do loooots of research, they can be pretty high maintenance. The forum I linked you to is great!
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: Lynke on December 26, 2012, 12:22:13 AM
I was gonna make him/her a cube and coroplast cage so I'll check to make sure the exact measurment of the panels :D is the extra foot so she can't jump out?

We are also gonna adopt and luckily the places around me already spay/neuter. I heard it helps health and litter training so we'd 100% do it anyway. Luckily through my rat vet pursuit I was lucky to also find a vet excellent with rabbits so check up and spay/neuter will be no problem. We'd preferably like only one so ill look around for one that's human friendly but prefers it solo rabbit wise ^-^

I have already started research but you can never research to much :D these little guys have a lot of information regarding them out their. Thanks for the forum, it'll help me greatly with sorting out contradicting info and my many questions X3
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: *Kat* on December 26, 2012, 12:45:40 AM
I'd disagree and say they are better in at least pairs.   They are social animals so finding a bonded pair imo is the best choice.   
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: MiserySmith on December 26, 2012, 10:52:12 AM
Most bunnies will bond(as long as they're fixed) it just takes time to find a friend.. but I have had single buns do fine. My current boy is alone and I can tell he's not as happy as he could be so I'm going to get him a buddy eventually.
A 2x2x4 C&C would work fine, I believe that's minimum size, just keep in mind you may need a top if you have levels in it.
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: Lynke on December 26, 2012, 01:09:02 PM
Yes we will definitly be putting a top on it lol. Even though we are bunny proofing (were getting metal cable covers lol) we rent and I don't need bunny hopping over and chewing through a wall while were away lol. Unsafe for both bunny and us (eviction is not my goal here lol)

I will start talking to my boyfriend about a possible pair. Or perhaps we could find a bunny who is aggressive towards other rabbits?
Title: Re: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: amyshizzle on February 19, 2013, 11:09:20 PM
Another great forum is  I love that forum! 

I have three bunnies, all rescues.  As long as you give your bunny A LOT of attention then I don't think it will need a friend but if you work a lot then I suggest getting a bonded pair.  Bonding rabbits can be tricky for some so if you're already thinking of getting a buddy for it why not just get a bonded pair?  Rabbits are not like rats.  They are pretty high maintenance.  I would suggest yearly check-ups for bunnies because bunnies are good at hiding things when they are sick.  Some don't do this but I do. 

For one bun it is recommended for an x-pen enclosure to be 4'x4' so they have plenty of room.  I don't know if you're making a bunny condo but I have both an x-pen and a bunny condo.  Right now since my bunnies are in the process of bonding I have two buns in one xpen and one bun in the condo.  I can't give you dimensions on it though.  lol 

Try going to to learn how to build a condo.  =) 

Rabbits are a ton of fun.  Also,  great site.  HRS is an amazing organization. 

Good luck!! 
Title: looking into getting a rabbit
Post by: nesterdron on March 26, 2017, 01:15:03 PM
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