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Title: Gerbil injury! Lost tip of tail!
Post by: Appletea on March 20, 2014, 05:31:36 PM
Okay, I've had 3 gerbils for about 10months now? After about 4months the trio had to be seperated. 2 live in a 20gal tank with topper and 1 lives in a 10gal tank with cage topper due to him fighting his brothers to the point there was blood everywhere.

So the single gerbil is doing well now and he has a silent, plastic wheel, and I give him lots and lots of cardboard cuz he's more hyper than the other two. Today I saw the very tip - maybe last centimeter or two - is missing and there's like dried blood there and a hole. Doesn't look too bad, and he doesn't seem to be in pain. He's still friendly and easy to handle and hyper, enjoying his little gerbil life of destroying cardboard and eating the occasional yogurt drop.

It was fine yesterday. I've read that gerbils heal well from injuries like this? I really don't know how it happened though! I don't think my cat would have just bitten off a tiny bit, and I don't think the gerbil could have gotten his tail caught in anything.

I take it no dust baths for a long time until it heals, so no dust gets in the wound. I don't think a vet visit is needed at this point but I'll keep an eye on it if infection starts.

Can I get some more information on gerbils losing tips of their tails? But not information concerning mishandling, as I never picked him up by the tail, but let him be curious and climb into my hand or use a plastic cup to pick him up.
Title: Re: Gerbil injury! Lost tip of tail!
Post by: Clairity95 on July 20, 2015, 07:53:35 PM
I know this is really old but I'm not sure why no one replied to this. I accidentally pulled off the tail of one of my gerbils years ago because I was trying to catch it and they're really fast (I was also 11). It's a defense mechanisms for when a predator catches them by the tail. It's not dangerous. The gerbil that lost his tail lived the longest of all of our gerbils.
Title: Re: Gerbil injury! Lost tip of tail!
Post by: Appletea on July 21, 2015, 03:22:01 PM
The gerbil who lost the tip of his tail was PTS this month. He had grown a tumor in his ear and eventually his quality of life went down to the point I felt it was time. I estimate him at around ~3 yrs old.

After his de-clan from the other two gerbils, I had gotten him a baby gerbil friend and the two were BFFs! He was an amazing gerbil, and even though the baby gerbil I got didn't have the same colour as the adult gerbil, eventually their fur colour became IDENTICAL! LOL. So the only way I could tell them apart was because one had a shorter tail! lol xD!

I still don't know exactly how he lost the tip of his tail, but he was always very friendly and we had bonded while he was healing and while he didn't have a cagemate.

Now his BFF is now introduced to a new baby - this one a completely different colour, luckily. But the "tailess" gerbil was the sweetest gerbil I ever had. I miss him dearly.
Title: Re: Gerbil injury! Lost tip of tail!
Post by: Clairity95 on July 21, 2015, 03:27:57 PM
That's sad, I'm sorry :(
He must have gotten it caught on something or maybe another one tugged it off somehow. They're not that hard to pull off, I was a little kid and shouldn't have pulled Jeffery's tail, but I remember that I didn't pull it that hard and it came off. They're made to come off to make it easier to get away.