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Title: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Been to the Mountaintop on August 05, 2017, 04:28:37 PM
Long ago, Marybelle advised a low-grain, low-additive diet for our senior Maine coon Murphy Muldoon who has a "hyperactive barf gland." He's been much better, only barfing a genuine hairball (like right after his spring lion cut) or a bite of snagged forbidden food. Here's that dialog:

With cats 9 or older, I request blood and urine panels with physical. Murphy will be 13 this 10/10 and for the first time his bloods showed emerging kidney disease.  :'( Our wonderful new vet likes his weight, although he's lost 1 of his 13 pounds. She thinks he may not tolerate kidney diets but we're getting a couple of cans to try. 

Suggestions for kidney care? Ideas to encourage more water drinking?

For your enjoyment:

A post-Halloween clearance sale tradition has been to put Murphy in an embarrassing costume 'cause he's such a sport. Last year, Amy was away at college so this task fell to me. Here's Murphy all proud like, "Check out my new dress, peeps! It says, 'What's up my witches!'" and our other cat, Ragdoll Mei-Mei looking jealous.   :)

Title: Re: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Kitsch Slapped on August 07, 2017, 11:56:22 PM
Oh no when I saw you mention Murphy in your other thread, I hadn't checked here first before I replied. Poor Murphy. One of ours (he was around the age of 13-15 I think) developed Kidney problems and had a barfing problem. Our vet said it was actually all the barfing that caused his kidney issues. We found out too late though. I think the earlier you catch it the better chances he has. In the end, it came down to putting him on a medication that may or may not work for him and would unfortunately cost more than we could spare each dose. It was something like $80/dose or every 3 doses or something and they wouldnt know how many doses he'd need per day on top of that. Then there was an even more expensive option that would be most likely to work but that was way, way, *way* out of our price range. I can't remember the details of that one, its gone from my memory because that was not even an option for us at the time. We decided (I don't even know if you could say we actually decided because it's not what we wanted to do, but had no other choice except let him suffer) to put him to sleep when it was obviously time.

My experience is not so good, but I think you have a much better chance since you seem to have caught it early. I have no advice as to what to do for upkeep on kitties with kidney problems, but I am sending you and Murphy good vibes. *hugs*

Btw Murphy's costume is so cute on him lol I love the saying on it.
Title: Re: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Marybelle on August 08, 2017, 08:52:20 AM
Liquids will be paramount.  Does he get any canned food at all?  Kidney disease isn't something I've had to deal with myself, which I'm thankful for.  Unfortunately, that makes it harder to give advice on.

ETA:  As far as getting more liquid into him, you can try adding a little chicken broth to water, to see if it makes it more interesting for him.  Or, if he's getting canned food, add a bit of water to make it soupier, which increases liquid intake, as well.
Title: Re: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Been to the Mountaintop on August 09, 2017, 11:44:26 AM
Thx guys. I got a reassuring message from the vet yesterday. Said his kidney issues were "very early, developing" and readings were at the normal levels for a 13-year-old cat, and diet/ added liquid should do it. So sorry you had end-stage kidney disease with your kitty.  :puppy_dog_eyes:  Kitsch, too bad kitties don't get Medicaid--end stage kidney disease lets someone under 65 get it.  :-\

Marybelle, he is only getting one Purely Fancy feast a day, and I was giving our walking tank, Mei-Mei the broth from it. So essentially no wet food. Thought it was better for their teeth and his are perfect.

Kitsch, yeah, I realized that my MRR message was suffering from a pronoun problem because I was talking about both Roswell and Murphy in one message. It is rattie Roswell who has the growths in his lungs. :-( He's one of my last two for a while, too.
Title: Re: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Been to the Mountaintop on August 14, 2017, 04:20:54 PM
BARFAPALOOZA  :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2:

Free choice Purina Beyond dry chow (low grain no additives) continues available to Murphy and Mei-Mei.

Day one of kidney diet--gave him maybe a third of a tiny can of Science Diet Kidney Care (KD with chicken) INSTEAD of his daily weight-building treat of a plastic tin of Purely Fancy Feast and usual dry. He LOVED it and no problems.

Day two gave him the rest of the 5.5 oz can of KD  and usual dry. Loved it. No barf, so hours later gave him his usual treat. No barf.

Day three half can KD plus Fancy Feast (and free choice dry). No barf. He seems happier and feeling a bit heavier and I'm like, "Cool--this is totally working."  :thumbsup2:

Day four half can KD plus Fancy Feast (and free choice dry). THEN he got into my daughter's cheeseburger, ate a bunch of cheese and was licking grease off the meat. Held breath, no barf.

The middle of the night after day four, BARFAPALOOZA! At least six barf spots with food, the first of which he didn't make it to the floor which is unusual (hitting her bedding and favorite jeans, of course), and some with just liquid.

I backed off the regular food and got out the Petromalt, and gave him several licks each over a couple of days.

Yesterday he barfed hard and it was only froth.

Physical factors: too much too fast? The people food, which always makes him barf?

Environmental factors? His usual owner, my 19-year old, has been home from college. The day after she got home we took him to the vet which is only once a year. She likes to haul him around and cuddle him and poke at him to play and while he usually purrs and plays, he will occasionally swat her when he's had enough (I read him better). He's actually grumbled and spit at her and even mouthed a few times, which is new and leads me to intervene. She had also been having boyfriend drama and some tense discussions with us and a couple of brief raised voice arguments with her sister.  We have a huge apt with lots of places to hide, but of course cats have great ears and great radar.

Do we dare try the KD again?
Title: Re: Kidney Disease in Senior Cat
Post by: Marybelle on August 21, 2017, 10:09:57 PM
Honestly, I wouldn't even go with K/D.  It's ridiculously expensive for what it is.  Regular canned is fine, IMO.  Science Diet isn't all it's cracked up to be.  :P 

As far as dry being better for teeth?  Have you ever watched a cat throw up dry?  And how little of it is actually chewed?  LOL