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Title: How to Post Photos
Post by: Suebee on April 24, 2002, 11:41:42 AM
Posting an Image to Goosemoose Pet Portal Forums

Since we get asked this question on the board pretty much every single day, I have set up this reference to, well, prevent my fingers from bleeding. ;D Up to step 2, the same applies for the Personalized Picture in your profile -- you simply type the full URL in the space provided when editing your profile.

PLEASE be sure all images are edited to be SMALL. Use a photo editor like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Graphic Converter, or the software that came with your scanner/digital camera to make the images nice and small. A good size is 4" x 6" or 600 x 800 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi. This saves bandwidth for the forum and load time for people with slower connections. Try to keep file sizes under 50k if you can.


1. If you already have your images loaded elsewhere on the web*, like your own web site, you can simply skip to step 3 below.

*Note: Geocities, Tripod and Angelfire will not work, because they do not allow remote linking of images. It is a major burden on their bandwidth to display these images (think of how many people on how many forums all over the web try to post images this way), so they have stopped allowing it to occur. It''''s annoying, but necessary on their part. Network54 (our former home) has also become extremely unreliable -- some people can see the images, and some cannot, so it''''s not worth it to use their service anymore, either.

2. If you don't currently have anyplace to store your images, you can store your photos in the Photo Albums section of, use the Photo Albums link at the top of the website, and upload image files to your account via ftp (.jpg or .gif files). You will get 5 MB of free space to work with, which is a LOT of space. Those who have signed up for monthly donations of $3 or more will get at least double the space. CURRENTLY NOT FUNCTIONAL Sorry.  :-\ See next post for alternatives.

3. Once the images are uploaded to your account, you can insert the proper code into your message (either by hand or by using the menu), and type the COMPLETE URL (web address) of the image, from "http" to ".jpg" or ".gif."


When you use the "img" button in the menu (the one that looks like this: (, you will get the following inserted into the message box:

Code: [Select]
(note: it will not show the http part... just the letters URL -- I don''''t know why it is showing that bit of code when I post it...)

Replace the "URL" with the actual URL of your image.

Code: [Select]


Here are a few other places that allow you to upload photos and link them elsewhere. Remember you must use the "img" tags for them to work. The plus side is, you can go to your image on the site, and simply copy and paste the URL into the proper place in the message composition box. If you find a site that allows remote linking and would like to add it, please send me a private message. Please test it on the forum before you recommend it.

See the next reply for a few suggested sites.

Hopefully, this will help answer questions specifically about posting images to our forum. This is the most basic way I can explain this with without also including a basic tutorial about the Internet in general (what a URL is, how to upload images to the web, etc.). There are lots of web sites that cover this information far more in depth than I ever could, including or books like the Dummies series. :~)

Good luck!
Title: Sites that Allow Free Image Hosting
Post by: Suebee on April 22, 2003, 10:49:29 AM
The following sites allow free image hosting and remote linking: - use the photo albums link at the top of the site CURRENTLY NOT FUNCTIONAL Sorry.  :-\ -- free at first for up to 36 pics. $20/year for up to 500 pics.


"Remote Linking Forbidden" -- and How to Get Around It

With Goosemoose-hosted images from the free websites, you may run into a "Remote Linking Forbidden" message instead of a photo. Please post the photos in the photo albums section instead.
Title: Re: How to Post Photos
Post by: Suebee on August 21, 2007, 10:29:29 AM

(Added 8/21/07)
(Modified 10/11/07)

The entire Goosemoose community thrives on seeing pictures of everyone's rats. We love to fawn over their little faces and see them in all kinds of environments. And posting photos, as you might have learned by now, is nearly mandatory on our threads ;)

That said, recently many members have been posting an excess number of photos on their threads. We really do appreciate you taking the time to share your babies, however when you have a large number of pictures in your thread you severely limit who will read your threads. Users with slower internet connections or with dial-up often skip over threads with photos in them because they take so long to load. These large photo threads are also a drain on the forum's bandwidth.

To keep the forum enjoyable for everyone we ask that you limit the number of pictures posted to a maximum of TEN per post. This does not mean that you can start ten different threads, or reply to yourself seventeen times in a row to get in all of your pictures! Please choose your very favorite shots to share, and if there are more that you'd really like people to see you can put a text link either to an online gallery where they're displayed (such as photobucket (, goosemoose (,com_copperminevis/Itemid,210/), flickr (, or your own web site), or to specific images.

We're not trying to be "picture Nazis," or diminish anyone's enjoyment of the forum -- in fact, quite the opposite! What we're really asking is that people use COMMON SENSE when posting photos in threads. Dumping your entire memory card in one post is certainly NOT cool, and causes a lot of technological problems for people with slower connections and older computers. We want people to be able to enjoy the pictures without crashing their systems. ;)

If you are unclear as to what this means for you, please feel free to contact a moderator for clarification. For the threads already in progress we ask that you edit your original post to fit the above guidelines. All new posts should follow the guideline. Users who ignore this guideline are subject to having their excess pictures removed from threads by a moderator.

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping the forum fun for everybody!