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Title: Rats Rule Shops Submission Information
Post by: Suebee on June 10, 2003, 08:07:45 AM
For those interested in submitting illustrations or photos for items on CafePress ( or Zazzle (*), I've decided to make this thread.

CafePress offers templates and size guidelines for all its products. I try to work at 200 dpi whenever possible, but 150 dpi is also acceptable. 10" x 10" at 200 dpi is the most versatile, and can fit on a wide variety of products.
CafePress Beginners Image Workshop (
CafePress Product Templates (

Thankfully for my sanity, Zazzle is VERY specific and very informative about size and resolution requirements for images.
Zazzle Image Size Guide (

In all cases, the file sizes will be quite large. The large-format images we use for the calendar can range from 3 MB to 4 MB in size, and some of the images I have in Suebee Designs ( are as large as 7 MB! I can accept large files via my e-mail address, which is -- I have been saving my files in PNG format, which is lossless. CafePress and Zazzle both accept PNG and JPG files -- though any JPG files sent to me WILL be converted to PNG before they are added to the shop.

If you can't send files of that size via-email, I can accept data CDs or original art through the mail... PM me for my mailing address. All original art will be returned -- CDs will only be returned on request.

If you have any questions, please PM me, so I can keep this thread updated with the best information. ;)