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Rat Tails & Mug Shots / Re: May Rescue of the Month
« Last post by ratluver372 on Yesterday at 09:22:27 PM »
North Star Rescue's Spring Sale is on through May 28! Hammocks by Dandelion Dreams and prints donated by Steph Laberis are available for sale to benefit the rescue! Get them before they're gone!
I normally post in the rat section for our Rescue of the Month, but wanted ferret peeps to know that a print was generously donated by Steph Laberis to North Star Rescue, and it's currently in the rescue's Spring Sale! Only one available, unfortunately!

Here's the link to that specific print:
Rat Care Corner / Re: Eye could use some advice! (Get it? Har har.)
« Last post by purple rat on Yesterday at 07:04:43 PM »
That picture is even more adorable than the last one :yelcutelaugh:
I'm a worry wart too, so I'd probably be worrying about an abcess too. Having said that, if he's on antibiotics and you're checking the area frequently for signs of infection, it might be best to wait like the vet suggests  -- rats do seem to have amazing abilities to heal.
I'm glad you're enjoying your silly little superactive fur baby :laugh:
Rat Care Corner / Re: Eye could use some advice! (Get it? Har har.)
« Last post by RooRat on May 19, 2018, 05:39:28 PM »
It got worse the next day :yelcutelaugh:

"Yep, definitely mine."

(I brew my own iced tea and don't add sugar or anything. He was also mostly after the ice - he loves crushed ice cubes.)

His eye doesn't look worse, but when I am able to get a look at it, there's a bit of weepiness, and I definitely see a dark colored blob that could be his deflated eyeball? I don't know. I know the vet said we should wait a bit to let him get bigger, but I'm so worried that it'll abscess, even with the antibiotics. An abscess in an eye socket seems like it's just asking for the infection to spread to his brain. Am I worrying too much?

He doesn't act like it bothers him, but he also never stops moving when he's out for play time. I mean never stops moving. From cage to carrier to box 1 to box 2 to all over me to grooming my hair (his new favorite hobby ::)) to leaping at the windowsill to running back to his cage, he just keeps going all the time. I've never had a rat, baby or otherwise, that was this go go go. He doesn't stop! I can't even pet him - he doesn't want to hold still long enough and squirms until I let him go  :yelcutelaugh:  Of course, me being the worrywart that I am, I'm wondering if perhaps his eye is bothering him and making him a little crazy and that's expressing itself as constant energy. I know there's no way to know for sure, but does that seem at all plausible? Or am I just crazy?  :yelcutelaugh:

Whatever's going on, he's super fun. He wrestles with my hand, popcorns around, climbs and runs and investigates and tries to gnaw on my bandaids (ow, no please!) and is finally accepting a variety of treats from me. He doesn't love yogies, though, which is so weird to me. He'll eat them, but he's not like "Oh boy a yogie!!!" like all my other rats were. He's a strange one. But he's my strange one :heart:
Rat Care Corner / Re: Eye could use some advice! (Get it? Har har.)
« Last post by purple rat on May 17, 2018, 08:10:08 PM »
I love that picture with his head in the glass :BlueDumboSmile:
Keeping fingers crossed that he won't need surgery
Rat Care Corner / Re: Eye could use some advice! (Get it? Har har.)
« Last post by RooRat on May 17, 2018, 05:07:53 PM »
Good news - no surgery yet! The vet says that since his eye doesn't appear to be infected or weepy or anything, he wants to hold off on deciding about surgery until Jack is a little bigger. That shouldn't take long, though - his weight nearly doubled in a week!  :shocked2:
Rat Care Corner / Re: Eye could use some advice! (Get it? Har har.)
« Last post by RooRat on May 17, 2018, 09:55:27 AM »
He's definitely making himself right at home :yelcutelaugh:

I'm planning ahead in case surgery is necessary (which seems likely, since his eye is looking a bit angrier instead of better). I'm going to get a few quotes from local vets, but the vet I used when I lived 2 hours away is also on my list of vets to get quotes from (I trust them, they were great with Pyp, and while Daisy was a dog and not a rat, she was also very high-risk for anesthesia and they knew exactly what to do).

I know it's not ideal to stress out a rat with travel before surgery, but I really do trust them, and I have family up there I can stay with (so I could go a day or two early, let him settle a bit, then take him in for surgery), so I want to get a quote. Anyway, if I do use them, I don't want to haul his huge cage up there, but he's currently in the "What can I chew/destroy?" discovery phase, so I don't feel comfortable using a plastic-bottomed cage, especially since we'll be away from home. I figured since he'd be going for surgery, a temporary hospital tank perhaps wouldn't be the worst thing (he's a monkey - climbs everything, and doesn't always exercise care when descending :yelcutelaugh:). What size tank should I plan to buy if I end up needing one?
I don't have an FN but I love the pics!
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