Author Topic: Blue Point Mostly Siamese Needs Home In Georgia/SouthEast USA **FOUND HOME***  (Read 2222 times)

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In the early summer I took in a beautiful bluepoint siamese mix from a friend who was moving to the United Emirates and couldn't afford to take him with her and her family (quarantine is long and expensive). So, I took him in, although I had 4 other cats. I know Siamese have attitudes, and Meso (his name from his original family..the adopted him as a kitten..they're Egyptian and it's an Egyptian name..don't ask me what it means) just can't seem to get along with my oldest two cats. He becomes very attached to people, but, he loves to play, and sometimes I think the other cats mistake his play as fighting. Also, as the months have gone by, they sometimes gang up on him, and visa versa.
It's not fair to him, nor my older cats.
  My vet thinks he's more than half siamese, because he shows all the points well, and he's got the big beautiful blue eyes. However, he does speak "bilingual" cat..that means..he has the typical Siamese meow, but he throws in some weird off-siamese meows. He has a very diverse octave meow when needed.
  Anyway..I've had him neutered, he's up to date on all vaccinations, FIV negative and vaccinated. I would love for him to go to a home where he's indoor only, preferably as the only cat, or at least one to two others max. I'll post pictures tomorrow of him. I can travel some, preferably around 100 m max, but something may be worked out. I have extra litter boxes, etc if needed. I just want him to have a good, happy home!!

Oh..**edit** and his birthdate is May 10, 2005, so that makes him about 18 months old.
*UPDATE*  Meso found a new daddy. He's an only kitty, as he needs, and spoiled rotten.
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