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Fighting between paired Amazon parrots
« on: September 23, 2006, 05:13:58 AM »
This is my first post on the "bird's side" of this pet portal.  (I'm more frequently found over at the rat's hang-out).

I've been noticing a change (?) in the behavior of my Amazon Parrots. Though I'm no expert, I do know the personalities of these two birds. I've sort of been handed over the care of them once I married into the family, (12 years ago), since which I've made a good bond with them both. It was believed that Hagar was the male and Shelly was the female, up until about 5 years ago when Hagar began building a nest under the end table by my computer desk, after which he, (or, she) allowed me to witness the birth of her first set of eggs. It was something!! Those eggs never became fertile. However, after I read about & created a better nesting area for her, she was successful with her second batch. Two of her 3 eggs hatched and quickly grew to almost weening when Shelly killed them. I was heartbroken, as was Hagar. Had I known that the male is so brutal I would have separated them soon after the eggs hatched. Hagar & Shelly have since laid other eggs, though none have been successful. I don't know if Hagar has just lost interest, or what.
At any rate, because of the discovery of their genders, I do know that they are "paired". It hasn't been up until about 6, or so, months ago that I've noticed that they've been bickering more, and sometimes those little disagreements have turned downright into squawking/screaming fights. Twice they've injured eachother. I can sort of catch their PRE-bickering tones, so I'm usually there to intervene. But sometimes they seem to jump right into a fight for no apparent reason.
One thing that is most definitely an influence on the situation is my husband. Even though he is the original parent to these two birds, Hagar, the female, becomes almost ballistic when she even hears his voice anymore. My husband has never been mean or cruel to his birds, but for some reason, Hagar just seems to lose all sense of ...I don't know what. It can be quite frustrating...for all of us.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here? Hagar is a Yellow Nape, about 15-19 years old and Shelly is a Blue front/Yellow Nape, about 22 years old. Both are in good health and both were born in the states...not removed from their natural habitat. They were both spoon-fed by my husband when they were babies.
At any rate,  I realize that spouses do get on eachother's nerves from time to time, but does that apply to birds, as well??

I would certainly appreciate any insight that anyone might have.
Thanks so much!
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