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Our Position on Feeders
« on: April 12, 2002, 03:10:42 PM »'s Position on Snake Feeding, as a web site and an online community, objects to the LIVE feeding of rats to reptiles, period. We realize that snakes and other reptiles need to eat, and rodents are a natural part of their food chain. However, in a closed environment, live feeding is especially traumatic for both species, and the reptile could be injured, or even killed, by a rat.

If one insists on feeding rodents to a snake instead of "snake steaks," we recommend humanely killed, frozen, and thawed animals over live every time. These rodents should also be bred responsibly and treated humanely during their short lives. Healthy food supports healthy pets, and snakes deserve a proper, healthy, disease-free diet, just like any other pet.

As a community, we do not necessarily ban the discussion of any topic that has the potential to lead to a mature, reasoned debate that can educate the general public. It is in the hands of the forum participants to handle all discussions in a civil manner, showing respect for the opinions of others on all topics.

Thank you.
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