Author Topic: Parakeet (Budgie) Wanted (Minnesota  (Read 7557 times)

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Parakeet (Budgie) Wanted (Minnesota
« on: February 01, 2007, 05:58:42 PM »
Well, sigh, I just posted in rat adoptions as my daughter and I are wanting to adopt a rat.  So I just thought I would post this as well. Currently we have a male parakeet and would like to find him a companion. I am also interested if anyone has zebra finches.
I posted this over on rat adoptions, I will offer it here as well. If there are any bird rescues who occasionally need help between Minnesota and Illinois, I make that trip at least once a month. If there are any worries about me offering that, I dont mind giving a ton of references. :) Have a great rest of the day people!

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Re: Parakeet (Budgie) Wanted (Minnesota
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2008, 12:08:44 PM »
Well I took a minute and looked in the other part of the forum for the post but are you still interested in adopting a furry critter?