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Found stunned bird and released
« on: July 12, 2007, 09:15:35 PM »
 I was driving down a side road near home in beaverton when i saw a bird on the road. It was laying down and moving a bit, so I pulled over a scooped it up. I took it home with me and checked it over. It's wings seemed fine, so did its legs. No blood around the nose or anything, so I put it in a dark box in a dark room and left it for a few hours. I checked on it, and it was still sitting there. It had pooped, so I checked for blood. None! Good sign. The next morning I opened up the box and it happily hopped onto the ledge and tweeted a few time, then flew away!! I was sooo happy that it made it. I am just a bit worried that it flew away in a different spot than where I found it. Probably about 10 KM from the spot. Will he/she find its way home?

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