Author Topic: Blue parakeet in Indiana I will travel  (Read 5260 times)

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Blue parakeet in Indiana I will travel
« on: June 12, 2008, 03:16:29 PM »
This is a special blue parakeet.  I work at petsmart and sometimes we get animals with problems which of course we treat but sometimes they are deemed unadoptable.  I try my absolute best to find homes for these loving animals often times I will take them home myself.  When the animals are deemed unadoptable we can not sell them they are free but the public does not know much about them.  We have a parakeet that broke his leg, the vet put a cast on it and the bird did well for a while but then started picking at his leg the vet took it off and found the leg was completely dead, they ended up amputating it.  He now has one leg but he can climb and perch and do everything like a normal bird.  He is extremely easy going and loves being held, he does not bite.  Hes and amazing little guy who just needs a loving home. Please if interested email me at I am more than willing to travel for this little guy or girl.