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Ty's Rat Shack: Custom & Premade Hammocks, Tons of Fabrics

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I'm Yoona, or tysetsu on GM. I'm a young rat lover who actually just entered Johns Hopkins University. I've been sewing for not too long. I started sewing because I wanted to donate hammocks to rescues, and it evolved into a custom hammock business.

My website Ty's Rat Shack
Available Fabrics

*Any orders will come with a bunch of free treat pillows stuffed with treats. *


All sizes are flexible. If you'd like a size not listed, just let me know and I'll get back to with a price  :)

I am proud and very excited to announce that I will now be officially selling two of Mainely Rat Rescue's hammocks designs, the Bunk Bed and Honeycomb. 20% of every sale of these products will go directly to the rescue so that they can continue doing their amazing work with rats in need. Violet976 of the wonderful Rat Stash is also selling these products and donating a portion of the sales to MRR. MRR also has instock hammocks for sale at their store.

Visit their site to learn more about them: Mainely Rat Rescue

MRR's Bunk Bed

Small 10x10 : $11.00

Large 12x12 : $13.00

MRR's Honeycomb

One size 10x10 on top layer : $18.00

Fleece Ropes

About 24 inches long.
3 strands: $3.00
5 strands: $5.00

Sleepy Sacks

I can grommet the back two corners upon request so that you ratties don't drag it around.
10X12: $8.00

Corner Hammocks

Mouse (8 inches on long side) : $2.50
One Size (18 inches on long side) : $6,00

Corner Pocket

One Size (18"): $7.50

Standard Hammocks

Mouse: (6"x9") $3.00
Small (12" x 10") $6.00
Medium (15" x 13") $7.00
Large(17 x 15) $8.00

Pocket Hammocks

Mouse: (6"x9") $5.00
Small (12 x 10) $8.00
Medium (15 x 13) $9.00
Large: (17 x 15) $11.00

Half Pockets
*can be hung like regular hammocks or hung on a wall*

Mouse: (6"x9") $4.00
Small (12 x 10) $7.50
Medium (15 x 13) $8.50
Large (17 x 15) $9.50

Patchwork Pockets A Ty's Rat Shack Original!

Can be done in two or four fabrics (1.00 more for 4). If two fabrics, I can do the prints horizontally as shown or alternating (1.00 more for alternating).
Small (12 x 10) $8.00
Medium (15 x 13) $10.00
Large: (17 x 15) $12.00

Tunnel Hammocks

Mouse (10"x6") $5.00
Small (18" x 12") $10.00
Large (22 x 14) $12.00


Mouse: (7 long) $4.00
One Size (14 long) $6

Double Deckers

Standard (14 long 7 across) $7
Wide: (14 long 12 across) $10

Seamless Cube
Seamless cubes have no visible seams on the inside or outside and make the cube less inviting for your ratties to chew on them.
Can be done in 1, 2, 3, or 6 fabrics.

5x5x5: $9
6x6x6: $11
7x7x7: $13
8x8x8: $16

Payment can be done through check, money order, or Paypal. There is a small paypal transaction fee

Pictures of baby animal set added  ;D

Oops I forgot to add that if you want to purchase any single hammocks from the sets, just PM and we can do that.


PMed you about the Baby Animal set. :D


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