Author Topic: I'm new and have 2 new rabbits  (Read 2643 times)

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I'm new and have 2 new rabbits
« on: August 26, 2009, 03:58:21 PM »
Hey everyone,
I'm new and received a new pair of rabbits today, Buckeye and Gizmo :); thanks to a very kind lady who knows a lot about rats and rabbits and introduced me to the site. :wave2:  Now I have nine rabbits, two frogs, three fish (my dad doesn't know about the third or about the fact that she's pregnant), two turtles, two snails and about thirty gerbils ;D, I have my own petting zoo. I'm eighteen and have had animals my entire life and got my first rabbit when I was eight and he was exactly one month and named him Bugs, sadly he passed away two years ago on Halloween. :(

Here's some info on my rabbits:
Slide-my only rabbit who was born and raised at my house, he is a mini lop who believes that my room actually belongs to him and is my security rabbit who lays in my doorway ;D
Gus-I can't tell what he is, but one ear sticks up and the other flops down like a lop, his first owner could no longer take care of him and neither could her parents
Gamilla-a soft rex who's name is Arabic for beautiful, she came from a friend of my mom's who was no longer able to keep her
Simba-a dwarf lionhead who has a funny hop, when he runs and hops he twists his body so his feet are sideways, he was a gift for my seventeenth birthday
Precious-currently my oldest rabbit and probably my most stubburn, she's a Netherland dwarf and I got her from an old family friend
Snowy-also a Netherland dwarf who came from the same woman as Precious, she is a little stubborn and really prefers to play with Precious than be with any one else, they're BFF's
Jackie-my most skittish, I'm not sure what kind of a rabbit he is, but he was an eighteenth birthday gift :bdaysmile: from my older sister and was using hem as a bribe
Gizmo-probably a mix between a holland and a mini lop, is somewhat calm and so far likes to dig in my clothes
Buckeye-a holland lop who loves to be held, but not for long because he's ready to explore
Loving my bunnies, gerbils, frogs, fish, turtles, snails, and my boyfriend!

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Re: I'm new and have 2 new rabbits
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2010, 07:09:03 PM »
Hey animalcrazy....I am Buckeye and Gizzy's previous Mommy!  How are the babies doing??  Do you have any pics?  We do miss them so much! :)  Gizmo's baby, Ziggy is still with us and doing great!  He is a mini-Giz!