Author Topic: Need help with flightless pigeon  (Read 1892 times)

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Need help with flightless pigeon
« on: September 01, 2009, 09:43:20 PM »
I found a full grown pigeon in our backyard today and it can't fly.  I don't see any obvious injuries.  It will jump up and flap its wings just to land with a thud a few inches away.  I put it in an old rat cage with a bowl of water and some sunflower seeds.  I haven't seen it eat or drink yet.  At the moment it's resting with it's feathers puffed out.  I put a cloth over the cage to keep out the light for now (since it's nighttime).

I've called my local animal hospital, which usually takes in wild animals for rehabbing, but they "don't do pigeons."  I think the reason is they're worried that pigeons may carry disease.  They gave me a couple numbers to call but the first one is very far away and the guy says he hasn't done rehabbing in a long time and his work schedule is very heavy.  The other number they gave me is for "DEC Wildlife Office."  That's what the vet's office called it anyway.  When I dialed the number I got an answering machine that sounded like a person's private residence.  ???

Does anyone have experience rehabbing pigeons?  What else can I do for this birdie?  :help: