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NEW SECTION! Classifieds!
« on: May 03, 2010, 09:47:21 AM »
Hey Everyone! I was starting to notice that a lot of the "cage for sale" type threads were getting lost in all the "merchant" threads, so I decided to split them off and create a new "Classifieds" section. I am in the process of moving existing threads that fall into the "classified" category, so you might see some things "disappear." They're not gone, just moved.  :thumbsup2: I won't be posting "redirection" topics, because that would be an utter MESS.  :confused: So, if you posted it here, and it's "gone," check the new section. ;)

This should help people trying to sell one-off items like cages get better exposure, and hopefully be able to rehome their items more quickly.

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