Author Topic: Rescue rats in need of homes in the Idianapolis area.  (Read 463 times)

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Rescue rats in need of homes in the Idianapolis area.
« on: August 07, 2010, 02:49:04 AM »
:rattysmiley: Hi this is Rebecca of Sweet and Loving Rats. I have at this time 17 young girls up for adoption. Ages range from 2months, 4months and 5months. I do not have the two 2month olds up yet. Their adoption is pending at this time. The 17 young girls pictures are up on my web site. Out of the 17 girls their are some dumbos in their. Just not as many as their use to be.  :BlueDumboSmile: Now for the boys. I have 14 young boys up for adoption. ages range from 4months, to 5months. Their are also dumbos in the boys. Five dumbos if I remember correctly. Male rats are such loving wonderful pets. They love to cuddle, be with their humans, live a little longer then the females, less hipper, more laid back. Females tend to be more hipper and want attention on their terms not ours. I do have to admit. I do have quite a few cuddle bugs that are female. It took allot of work to get them that way. So :help: thees guys and gals out by giving them a home. I know the males would love to be with someone other then me.  :BlueDumboBigEyes: is my web site. Drop bye and check the photos of what I have. I do have some older rats in male and female. I have a male bonded pair. I have a female bonded pair as well as 2 boys that will not house with other males. So if you are looking for just one rat. Or looking for an older rat. Let me know and I will be glad to send pictures of them to you tell I get them up on my web site. E-mail me at   :wave2: Adoption fee is $15.00 for the first rat and $10.00 for each additional same gender rat. :thumbsup2:  Donations of cages are always welcome.  ;) I also do rescue work. So if you have a rat, mouse, or gerbil that needs to be re-homed no matter the age or disability the animal has. Drop me a line and see if I have the room. Web site had been updated since the last time I posted. -Rebecca