Author Topic: Cat / Small dog Halloween Costumes for sale  (Read 8371 times)


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Cat / Small dog Halloween Costumes for sale
« on: September 04, 2010, 07:15:51 PM »
I am cleaning out my closet and decided to sell my costumes I had made for my small dog and cat for Halloween contests.  They would be great for PetSmart or Petco contests  :cheeky:  I thought I would see if anyone on here was interested before trying Ebay.  The first costume is a clown costume shown on my overweight cat just to give you a size to go by.  Next is a baby chick costume shown on my young chihuahua, the costume just slips over their head and does NOT have front or back legs in anything or even a bottom.  The elf costume is shown on my same cat (ignore the black marks on photo).  The devil costume isn't the best picture, but is on a young Golden retreiver pup.  It does have the devil shape tail but is not shown.  Last is an angel costume shown with both my chihuahua and also a pic of my cat wearing it.  The angel costume is not made to allow them to walk around in.  Make an offer if interested in any of them.  thanks!





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Re: Cat / Small dog Halloween Costumes for sale
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Sold.  thanks!