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Sweet and Loving Rats Adoption and Rescue - Lebanon, IN
« on: January 09, 2011, 06:59:29 PM »
Sweet and Loving Rats Rattery and Rescue is a home based rattery and rescue that takes in rats in need, helps them to become healthy (including soy free) and social and works to find them new homes. Located in Lebanon, IN, we are located right off of I65, so not real city driving involved. Although I can not do any transports, due to my current situation, I am willing to work with you when it comes to appointment times. I welcome calls asking advice whether you adopt from me or not.

I am happy to answer any questions you have, including medical issues or how to train your rats. After a brief e-mail interview, we can set up a time for you to come out and meet the rats and see if we can find the perfect pair for you.

I have many rescue rats up for adoption that are in need of loving homes. Not only by you adopting a rat(s) from us are you placing an animal that is in need of a home but you are allowing us to care for the rest of the rats in need. All adoptions go towards food, bedding, cages, meds and the like to care for these so unwanted pets. When you open your heart to one of these rat(s), you are not only opening up a cage that can house more rats in need. 

These rats are pets. They are very social and loving. Most have been litter trained as well. Most even come when they are called. I have a 30 day guarantee on my rats. Not many people have guarantees on their rats. I policy is if the rat dies within the 30 days you get a replacement rat for the one you lost. If your rat gets sick within the 30 days I will provide free meds. How many do you know do that?

I charge $15.00 for the first furry rat and $10.00 for each additional same gender furry rat.
For my hairless I have had to bump up the price due to people not understanding how much more care that the non furry counter parts need. They need a lot more then the furry rats do. So they are as fallows $20.00 for the first hairless and $15.00 for each additional same gender hairless rat.

Why do I charge so much? Why not charge only $1.00 each or $5.00 each? Well I feed my rats 100% soy free. It also helps to support my rescue efforts. I could not care for over 100 rats if I sold them for $1.00 each or for $5.00 each. I also would not be able to guarantee them. I would be spending more to treat with meds and feed and bedding and nice cages then I would be making money to keep the rats cared for. I also have a policy that if for any reason in the future you find that you can not longer care for your rats. You are to call me or e-mail me or text me before you ever decide to get rid of the rat your self. I take any rats back. If I do not have room someone within in the network will.

Please come with cash. I can not do checks at this time. I do not have change on had so try to bring what you plan to spend on the rats. That makes it easier for both of us. Donations of items or a small donation of money is greatly welcome. To all those who adopt you help me to feed and properly care for the rats in my care and also with every rat adopted out that helps me to open up more room so I can take in more rescues.

I hope to over the next few days start getting the pictures up of the older males and females that I have. I do have one year olds in both sex’s and almost 2 year olds in males… I will post in the pictures of the older rats about how old they are.

Please when you e-mail me about a rat or two that you may like. Please refer to them with their corresponding number in their picture and their coloring… A lot of my rats look almost a like.
Also I ask that you e-mail me to confirm your appointment 24 hours in advanced (or the day before) to not only remind me that you are coming, but also so I know that you remember that you are coming, also so I know that you remember that you are coming. If you have to cancel or reschedule, this is also a good time to do this. I hate having to wait all day for someone who never shows up, when I could have been cleaning cages or out running errands. Please respect what I do, as this not an easy job, for anyone. I my self always contact an adopter 24 hours in advance when they have placed an appointment time and things have changed on my end, that make things too difficult to keep the appointment time. There are times that I have more then one adopter coming in the same day.

I run the rattery out of my own home. I have two children. One currently is being home schooled. So waiting on an adopter that never shows makes it even harder for the child and I to do school work. So Please I ask of you to respect the 24 hour advanced appointment policy. If you can not get to a computer with in the 24 hours. I do ask that you text me or call me to let me know one way or another. is my web site so check it out. I have more males then I do up and the same with the females. I am working to get everyone picture up… I also have 5 litters that were born last month, there moms came in pregnant. I did not breed them! is my e-mail.

Just because you did not get a rat form me does not mean that I will not help you with the rat(s) you already have…

Hours that I am open is posted on my web site along with my phone number. My phone is text able.

Also wanted to note that I also take in mice, gerbils and other small animals. I can not do rabbits or gene pigs at this time… 

-Thank you and have a blessed day!!!

-Rebecca of Sweet and Loving Rats From Tip to Tail!!!

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