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It states such right in the description of this section of the forum.

--- Quote ---This section is for "Merchants" selling hand made items, such as treats, hammocks, illustrations, etc. Merchants must have at least 100 posts, and must be a member of the community for 3 months before selling. NO DISCUSSIONS. Threads may be started by SELLERS ONLY. Threads begun by buyers will be removed.

--- End quote ---

If you are looking for a particular item, please respect the hard work that the sellers have already put into their web sites and merchant threads here on the forum. Look through them, see whose work you like, and contact them for possible custom items or more information. All "request" threads do in this forum is clutter up the Marketplace, and bump the threads of the newer sellers and most active and hard-working sellers off the first page, reducing their visibility. Threads created by buyers WILL be deleted on sight.

Thank you!  :thumbsup2:


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