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New Parakeet owner
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:22:54 PM »
I just got my Parakeet today. Her old owner could not keep her anymore because she kept fighting with the other parakeet. So I'm thinking it will be a bad idea to get a friend for her? I don't know that much about Parakeets. I just found out that I was getting her two days ago. So I've been doing a little research since then. She has only ever been on a seed diet, I'm thinking about changing it to a pellet diet. Is Roudybush Daily Maintenance Diet a good choice for her? I can get it at petsmart. Or should I just keep her on the seed diet or maybe do both? I know I'm a post to give her fresh veggies and fruit with her diet. I don't think she ever had that stuff before. Sorry I seem so stupid right now. =/ Any advise will help out a lot. Thanks!