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FREE pup to good home in NorCal area
« on: March 27, 2012, 01:40:25 AM »

Buttercup just turned 8 months old and has been waiting to be rehomed since a pup. She gets along well with other animals and even cats. She is very shy and sensitive and needs someone experienced in handling her as she's nervous around other people and animals. she is housetrained and knows tricks and very playful and LOVES kids of all ages...even grew a bond with my 3 yr old son. Someone dropped her mom off last summer being 1 month pregnant and I took her in and delivered all 6 pups and rehomed them all, someone had backed out on Buttercup last minute so she's been stuck here and I had her on hoobly for some time now and didn't think to put her in the pennysaver and other ads until recently. Please feel free to PM me any questions. Donations and rehoming fees are acceptable but I am more interested in a good home for her. If you like cats, we have a male cat that also came to us as a kitten and he's almost 2 yrs old this coming september and they love eachother. His name is Tuco and he gets along with dogs and he plays with Butters...will post him in the cat section.

I forgot to mention her mother was a white shepard mix and father was a husky...will post pics of the mother and her litter as well:

Last two to go Butters on the right

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