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The never ending cat vocabulary


We had a cat who would actually have conversations with you, anyone else have one of those? And if you said his name he'd meow and sound like he said, "What?" or he'd say things like mom, yes, no, now, what and so on. Sadly we lost him due to health complications and now our once quiet cat (he barely made a peep when he opened his mouth to meow) has taken over for the talkative one. He is so loud and will not stop LOL. It is weird. He was very shy and quiet and hated people besides me and now he is coming out more and VERY talkative. All since we lost our other cat.

My grandmas cat Annie is like this!! Its so funny and cute to talk to them and have them understand and talk back to you!

I have a siamese named dumpy that talks in purry grunts when you talk to her and does things like moans when you pick her up or hold her which she hates.
Frank is a korat and talks but meows when he talks. He says hi. He got locked in a room which was very traumatic for the drama boy and he ran back and forth between my husband and I saying mama for about an hour because he was so upset. The other cats dont really talk much.

Kitsch Slapped:
Yes we have a cat just like this! Its very funny to carry on a conversation with him. We just started to get one of our quiet ones to meow at his name. Maybe he will get as talkitive as our other one some day lol.

My cat likes to chatter at me like he does on birds. He does it when I look at him, or startle him. Cute :)


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