Author Topic: Three female spiny mice for adoption in Minneapolis, MN  (Read 1533 times)

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Three female spiny mice for adoption in Minneapolis, MN
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:15:42 PM »
To make a long story short, I made a mistake when I purchased my spiny mice, and rather than taking home two males as I thought, I brought home a male and a female. I am keeping the boys, but the girls need a new home as I haven't got the space to maintain two tanks.

I can provide a starter 10 gallon tank and equipment, however I recommend you upgrade to a 20 gallon or larger at the earliest convenience. My 20 gallon is currently housing the boys. I can dig in my basement and see if I have another 20, in which case all you'd need is a fitting topper. I do not recommend a wire cage for these critters - not only are they small and fast, but they are from a warm, arid environment and don't appreciate drafts.

The baby girls (not yet named) are around two months old, I have been terribly busy so I forgot to mark the actual date of birth. The mother (Rose) I would estimate about seven or eight months, and she is missing her tail from an accident when she escaped her cage shortly after I got her. She actually gave birth twice - her first litter was just one baby, a boy, and they work fast because by the time I noticed the baby and separated Papa, she had already been impregnated again. She had a litter of three the next time, two girls and a boy. That's typical for spiny mice, they don't have huge litters like fancy mice and rats do.

If you are interested, but have never owned spiny mice, I will teach you all I have learned about these fascinating critters. I will warn you upfront that they are *not* cuddly, and I've not spent much time handling them. After Rose's escape, where she lost her tail, I've been somewhat afraid to for fear they would jump from my hands and become lost or degloved (which is what hsppened to Rose and is incredibly easy to do to a spiny mouse). I also own cats, so if a mouse got loose, it could be deadly. I love to watch the spiny mice, but prefer to handle them as little as possible. They have never bitten, but they are shy around hands.

That being said, they are little fatties who *love* food, so I imagine if you did wish to work with them, it would be easy provided you are patient and have plenty of treats.

I pictures later. They are napping now but in the evening they'll wake up and I can snap a few shots.

I am asking $20 for a rehoming fee, whether or not you take the tank and supplies. These are pets, not snake food - which is why I posted this here :) If I find a 20 gallon tank and you are interested, I might ask more for that. Please message me with any questions. Thanks!