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6 or 8 months ago, as I was pondering the age of our cats, I suggested to hubby that we should get a Sphynx.  His reply at the time was "No, they're ugly!".  Whatever.

A couple weeks after we lost Murphy, he suddenly says, "You know, I think we should look into getting a Sphynx!"  I wanted to boot him upside the head, but refrained.  I'm a good wife.  LOL

So, we started looking around for breeders and found a decent looking one locally.  They test for HCM, which can be a big issue with Sphynx, she feeds raw from the start, and she had a boy available!  She does all their vaccines and altering before they go home, which is awesome.

Without further ado, meet Raith!

Link in case that picture doesn't work.

He's such a snuggle bug.  And all he wants is to be with us.  He is a kitten, so he's curious beyond belief, and gets himself into trouble, and he frolics and plays and falls off things, but he's been very good for our hearts.  I'll try to remember to share more pics as he grows!

 :heart: He is adorable!!! XD seeing him, I want to crochet a sweater for him!


--- Quote from: TheDml on January 07, 2015, 01:04:39 PM --- :heart: He is adorable!!! XD seeing him, I want to crochet a sweater for him!

--- End quote ---

I'm sure I'll be knitting some for him once he's fully grown.  LOL

Been to the Mountaintop:
Ah, the fine art of management. Making suggestions and laying wait until they become somebody else's idea for implementation.  :) The kitten is gorgeous and sounds like a total sweetie! These little guys look like a Botox before pic, even more so than the Shar-pei 'cause they don't grow into their wrinkles. I am happy to see that your cat-free existence lasted only a bit longer than my rat-free one did.

Kitsch Slapped:
Goodness!! He is precious!! SO cute!  :heart: :heart:


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