Author Topic: Gerbils in need of good homes! Lowell,Indiana  (Read 1380 times)

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Gerbils in need of good homes! Lowell,Indiana
« on: March 15, 2015, 06:08:06 PM »
i ended up rescuing 2 pregnant gerbils and one beat up female from a pet store n now i am in need of homes for them and please must go in the pairs they are set with unless u are experienced in gerbil care n introducing them up with other non clanned members. one Female had 4 babies and other female had 8
3 male gerbils that are grouped together (one black one brown one gray)
2 Female gerbils grouped together (mom"brown with flash" n daughter"golden")
1 female gerbil that i nursed back to health(black n white)

other one gave birth at a later date so the 8 babies n mother arn`t ready to go yet but they are going to need homes to if ur interested please let me know!

PLEASE REMEBER THESE ARE PETS! not snake food. thanks
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