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Breeding Ethics & Our Community.
« on: June 03, 2003, 09:59:27 AM »
The subject of breeding comes up often in our community, and debates are usually quite heated. In an effort to help people keep their cool, we've decided to give newcomers an idea of what the community opinion is on breeding right up front. Understanding our view will hopefully help prevent the fights that tend to occur over this very controversial subject.

In general, we think that anyone who is thinking of getting into breeding has a LOT to consider -- it is definitely not something to be taken lightly, done "for the fun of it" or to "experience the miracle of birth." The main goal of breeding any animal should be to improve the species as a whole, by helping breed out genetic health problems, and improve temperament. Careless or ill-conceived breeding programs diminishes the species as a whole. Good, reputable, responsible breeders know a LOT about genetics, and work hard to improve the species, only to have it undone by less fastidious "backyard breeders." One step forward, two steps back.

We would go over all of the ethical questions in detail (and there's a TON), but why should we reinvent the wheel when this wonderful article exists? Please read it in full.

Should I Breed My Rats? by Gabriel Cuellar of Bao Varakhii Rattery

Hopefully, BVR's article was insightful. It certainly caused this Administrator to affirm her decision not to breed. I have lots of rat experience, but I will probably never have the expertise to be a truly good breeder.

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