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Posting Guidelines -- Please Read Before You Post
« on: May 06, 2003, 01:32:22 PM »
Abridged Forum Guidelines

Please read the full Forum Ground Rules. in addition to these, we have some general posting guidelines that we STRONGLY recommend you follow.

We don't have a long list of rules because we believe that people should be able to act like responsible adults toward each other.  The moderating staff is here to step in when people aren't capable of doing that.

Please report any suspected forum abuse to the moderators via the Report to Moderator link at the bottom right of each reply

If you feel like you need to moderate something, don't.  Report it to the moderators instead. "Backseat modding" is not appreciated, or constructive.

Respect your fellow board members - no flaming or obscene language

Don't post anything libelous, slanderous or defamatory

No commercial advertising

Do not post copyrighted material if you do not have permission to do so

Any medical advice should be discussed with a veterinarian

Commercial advertising is not allowed - adoption notices and items for sale belong in the Flea Market

Please use private messages instead of posting "shout outs" to other members - it is the green scroll icon under people's names - or go to their profile.

If you need to make a change within 15 minutes of posting, please modify your posts instead of posting addendums and corrections in a separate reply. There is a 15-minute window for editing. After that time has elapsed, you may not edit a post.

Please put your message content in the message box, not in the title of your reply. There is no need to use "n/m" any longer.

Do not post personal information such as phone numbers or addresses. Private Message and e-mail are the only acceptable means of contact information.

Please make your posts titles relevant to the topic you are posting about -- do not use titles like "HELP!", "PLEASE READ", or titles that are too vague to clue people in before they click. A more specific title will get more attention than a vague title.

Please do not cross-post the same message in multiple sections of the board. Choose the most relevant location for your post, and only post it there. Duplicates will be deleted on sight.

Please avoid excessive smileys and/or punctuation.

To the best of your ability, please DO try to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation -- it's much easier on the rest of us when we can read what you are writing. We understand if English is not your first language, of course. :)

"Bumping" a thread is permitted to lift it back up to the top of the forum, but please use common sense, and don't abuse it. Some members only visit once a day or once a week, so bumping after a few hours is useless, and only serves to irritate people. Please only "bump" a thread once it has dropped to page two. (note: "bumping" consists of replying by typing nothing more than *bump*)

Please refrain from replying to threads more than one year old. It is VERY confusing when ancient threads pop back up from the depths. Old threads that are ressurected will be locked on sight, or possibly deleted. Repeat offenders may receive a warning.

Please do not solicit donations for medical care or other expenses. This includes links to gofundme and similar pages.

Please do not post games on the forum. They start to take over the forum, and take away from normal conversation.

You are responsible for yourself.

The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of,, the management, or YaBB.

Remember that this is a PRIVATE forum, run by volunteers. We reserve the right to bypass some rules if deemed necessary for the greater good of the community (or our sanity). Possible reasons may include, but are not limited to: trolling, fraud, animal abuse, and illegal activities.

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