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General Information on Voting - Please Read!
« on: September 19, 2003, 12:14:10 PM »
1. The 48 finalists are divided into six "seasons" of the year -- one poll for every two months of the year (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, etc.). Voters will be allowed to select TWO images in each poll.

2. The top two vote-getters from each poll will go into the calendar.

Now, here's where it gets tricky. Since we also have a front cover, I'd like a totally separate image to be chosen for  that, so this is how I'm thinking:

3. The 3rd place from each poll will be retained as an "alternate."

4. Then I will set up a final poll with the final 12 images. 

5. Whichever photo wins the cover, I will then take the alternate from the poll it came from, and put that in the calendar. This way, we can squeeze one more stellar image into the calendar. ;)

Example: Say the winner of the cover came from the July/August poll. In that case, the third place photo from the July/August poll would be included in the calendar. ;)

This board is set up like the Reference Desk -- only staff can start topics. There will be a thread for each poll, as well as a thread for asking questions. If I think of others, I'll add those, too.

I want everyone to remember that this is not a popularity contest, and in choosing the finalists, I myself did not even put people's names on them. I don't want anyone to be offended if their images did not make the cut... I got a LOT of entries, and only 60 made it to voting. Since I didn't have names attached, I went on photographic merit only -- what I thought would make good calendar material, and look as professional as possible. ;) The rest is up to all of you.

To prevent any "popularity contest" shenanigans, I am going to leave names off the polls, as well. I ask that those who do find their images in the final voting do not reveal yourselves. We want this to be honest and anonymous. Of course some people are going to recognize photos from beng posted around the board here and there, but try to make your choice based on how they look, not who took them. ;)


Please direct all questions to the thread I have set up for questions.

Polls will close automatically 14 days from the date they were created. Then I will set up the cover poll based on the results of these six polls.
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